Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Happy New Year!


New Year’s Eve is always a poignant time, I think. It’s a time when I think about the good and bad things which have happened during the year to that point, and a sense of opportunity and yes, sometimes fear, about the next. I also hope to do everything I can to deserve good things to happen. It sometimes amazes me that people are happy to write a list of what they’d like for Christmas, but not for the New Year. I guess it must seem like asking for too much, but we only get one life.

I’d like to be healthier, happier, less worried about the little things and those things I can’t change. I’d like to spend more time with the people who I love and who love me. I’d like my little business to do better. I’d like to write something of which I’m proud.

I’m on control of most of these things! All I have to do is work to make them happen. 😀

I hope all good things come for you too. Happy New Year, readers x

What to wear in Second Life today?

Boots | Grumble High Boots Camel Leather-Lt Grey [Mait/Phys/Ven] (Frost)
Hair | Tableau Vivant Cristal (Tableau Vivant Mainstore)
Dress | {Reverie} Audrey Dress Rose [Mait*/Phys/Isis*/Venus*/5ss] (Uber)


Really liking these knitted texture thigh boots from Grumble at Frost (on until Jan 3rd). They’re actually called Slink, I think, which is a little confusing because they are made for Maitreya, Slink Physique and Belleza Venus legs… more than I bargained for!

{Reverie} have produced another lovely design for this round of Uber – the Audrey dress comes in Ivory, Taupe, Light Green, Black, Night Blue and Crimson and each version comes with a colour change HUD for the belt. Now {Reverie} are producing fitted mesh items for the bodies too – as you can see from my little code above. Some of the sizes are an experimental rig, so that means you should try it on before buying. If you’ve not been to Uber yet, you’re in for a big treat 😀


2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Happy New Year!

  1. Who knows about the future… but certainly I hope you can get what your heart want.
    Best wishes from Peru, from a reader that think knowing you (even in a virtual world) was one of the really good things that happened me. Thank you, Meri.

    1. Thanks to you Francis too. It’s great to feel part of a blogging community across the world, and you’re one of the good guys. My warmest wishes for a happy new year x

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