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Ahh, how nice it is to get up at a reasonable time today and not feel like death warmed up. Yesterday was a different matter as I paid with pain for the fun of the night before. Thom, perversely, was fine. We’d not been able to get a table for dinner until 9.30pm (turned out to be after 10 by the time we were seated in the best darn curry house in the Midlands) and by then we were merrily cantering along the road to ‘very drunk’. We got a taxi when we finished eating and happily spent the last hour or so up to midnight getting more drunk and singing. For some reason, we always end up re-visiting Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits when drunk. It may not be the most dignified way to bring in the New Year, but it was fun.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Tempura Island
Pose | {marukin} winter ({marukin} Mainstore)
Necklace | Empyrian Forge Tesoro del Luna necklace (Empyrian Forge Marketplace)
Shoes | REIGN. Vintage Bow Heels (REIGN. Mainstore)
Dress | -Culco- Floral Leather Corset Dress [Mait/Bell/Sli/Fitmesh/5ss] (Frost)
Stockings | AviCandy Holiday Lace Stockings [App – Mait/Bell/Omg/Sli/Lay] (AviCandy Marketplace : AviCandy Mainstore)


I just had to show you this Culco Floral Leather Corset Dress before the Frost event closes for good tomorrow (3rd Jan). It comes in various fitted mesh sizes plus five standard sizes and it’s so nice. As it contains a large panel of lace around the midriff, stomach and back, I have a little advice on wearing it for any readers who might purchase it. You don’t want to have to alpha under the lace – for obvious reasons – and so you may need to reduce your bodyfat and take off physics to minimise ‘poke through’ of body in that area.


What do you think?

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