Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | It’s your lucky life

Beachy Keen2

One of my silly-girl habits is to imagine that my cat will grow up into a functioning member of society. I say to her ‘Maybe you could think about unloading the dishwasher tonight, Darcy’ or ‘There’s a secretarial course starting at the college down the road, are you interested?’. Today, I was bemoaning her lack of size for pulling a sleigh and my housemate said ‘She doesn’t have to do anything…’ he stroked her head and then said to her, ‘… it’s your lucky life’.  I loved it; the idea of us having many lives and the cat one being our ‘lucky life’.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Black Basalt Beach 
Pose | Grafica Ups group gift instore (Grafica Mainstore)
Lipstick | A.Kouly Lipstick #72 [Catwa/Lelutka/Nyam/Sli/Sweetlips/LoudMouth/Tatt] (A.Kouly Marketplace)
Tattoo | { DATUM } Faith [Sli/Bell/Mait/Omeg/TMP/Lay] (DATUM Mainstore : Datum Marketplace)
Piercings | { DATUM } The Moon Silver (DATUM Mainstore : Datum Marketplace)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Lilja HUD 1 (The Seasons Story – Winter, opens 10/1/16)
Top | erratic Jessica Loose Tank Black for Maitreya (Erratic Mainstore)


Well, first things first – I’m showing you two items from DATUM today – the facial piercings called ‘The Moon’ and the tattoo, which isn’t a new release, but is one I like, called ‘Faith’. If you’ve not been to DATUM’s mainstore or marketplace, you’ll find a lot of jewellery and tatts to tickle your fancy.

Today I wanted to show you the second hair KoKoLoReS have produced for The Seasons Story opening on the 10th Jan. KoKoLoReS do a great line in edgy and very slightly punky hairstyles, which are still beautiful. I love Lilja cus she makes me feel daring and – dare I say it – FUNKY. 😀

I bought the A.Kouly lipstick appliers yesterday to use with my Loud Mouth and had some trouble getting it to work initially. I IM’d with the creator who was very nice and helpful and we could not figure out why it was happening. Eventually, I pulled out my Loud Mouth HUD (which usually sits gathering dust in inventory, as it’s so rarely needed) and uploaded the appliers to the applier cabinet. Then they applied beautifully. So god knows eh? SL? The God of Lipsicks frowning down on me (or would that be pouting). Whichever, the result is very nice indeed. Thanks to my friend Roxy who was kind enough to test them out on her Nyam Nyam and assure me they worked and who gave me the idea of using the mouth HUD.

There’s no well lit, no shit today, as the main pic is certainly well lit – and I’ll take no shit about that ❤


7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | It’s your lucky life

      1. I think they feel they should be worshipped, they give off that vibe. I’ve tried giving off that vibe myself but it didn’t work at all. 😀

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