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I don’t know if any of you watched madcap magical maestro Derren Brown’s show on Channel 4 in the UK last night? It was called ‘The Push’. I’m a huge fan and feel I should make that clear before I begin my tiny review. In preparation for his latest TV extravaganza I watched various of his old shows, my favourites being ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Hero at 30,000 feet’.

I suppose the one thing that both those shows have in common is that they take a person who is not making the best of their life in one way or another, and cause them – through events engineered by Derren – to make changes which are for the better.

‘The Push’ seemed like it was going to be one of those. Once again Derren advertises for applicants, once again they show some of the selection process for our amusement and once again we end up with one (although it turned out to be four) stooges/victims/chosen ones for the event itself.

What bothers me slightly at the selection process stage is that what Derren always wants are the most compliant people. Those who show independent thinking or particular strength of character are expelled from the process in the early stages.

Then ‘The Push’ goes on to show how a suitably compliant man can be inveigled into a situation which, in increasing doses, causes him to do greater and greater things in the name of not causing a fuss – basically.

What actually transpired was a kind of grim Jeremy Beadle-esque caper with the hiding of a dead body, the assault of that body and wheeling it in a wheelchair around an apparently unaware – yet busy – building.

The aim of ‘The Push’ was to see if the situation and a series of events, engineered by Derren, could be the trigger for our victim to physically push a man from the roof of a building. Our main participant, Chris, resisted, but three of the back-ups went ahead. Let’s take a minute and think that over. Set-up or not, three of the chosen compliant people actually committed murder, even though the man in question didn’t die.

How does a person – particularly one who is not a strong-willed type, even begin to get on with their lives after learning that about themselves? If the answer is that Derren performed a little of his healing heebeegeebees on them, then it’s simply not good enough.

Derren Brown says that this show is to illustrate the dangers of social compliance. But, as he picked four unusually compliant people, I think it simply shows that someone who is easy to push around, is easy to push around. In life, there are leaders and there are followers, surely the easiest way to attack this issue is to ensure that those people who are capable of taking charge do so, and do it in the best interests of all involved. Not my idea of entertainment, I’m sorry to say.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica Charleston ii (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Glasses | (Yummy) Cat Eye Readers Pink – modified  (Yummy Mainstore)
Tree | Jian Holo-Tree wi. options menu (Collabor88)
Path | Jian Iridescent Tile Path wi. options menu (Collabor88)
Hair | MOON Mias La Spackle (Moon Mainstore)
Shorts | Blueberry Lola Denim Shorts (Collabor88)
Top | Blueberry Lola Bustier Top (Collabor88)


Jian have provided some lovely outdoor items for this round of Collabor88. The Iridescent Tile Path and Holo-Tree are both lovely and a little out of this world. The path comes in differently sized and shaped sections so you can create the path of your dreams. The path and tree come with different colour/texture options.

Blueberry have provided a treat for Collabor88 fans too! The Lola Bustier Top and Denim Shorts are the usual quality you have come to expect – excellent. The sizes for the mesh bodies are all included and the shorts come with a HUD to change belt colour/texture.

Finally, I have a well lit, no shit shot for you. Click me to see it huge!



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