Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Cup of Coffee, Deer?

Cup of tea, Deer

Yesterday I went to the International Coffee Station. You might not have heard of it, but it’s like the International Space Station, only it’s not in space and it has coffee on it. I met a new friend – Desmond the Deer. He came looking for a cup of tea and found that they only had coffee and – as you all know – Deers only drink tea. I offered him a cup anyway but he declined, politely.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica that ii (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Furniture | JIAN International Coffee Station (The Liaison Collaborative)
Deer | JIAN White Tail Deer Male (The Seasons Story)
Hair | Little Bones KillKill (Collabor88)
Sweater | Bueno Elles Sweater [Fitmesh, 5ss, 2Slink] (Collabor88)
Jeans | Bueno Tight Jeans White (Fitmesh, 5ss, 2Slink] (Collabor88)
Shoes | N-Core Endless ‘Coral’ [Sli/Bell/N-C/TMP/Mait] (N-Core Mainstore)


Firstly, Bueno have some treats for you at Collabor88. The Elles Sweater is just adorable and comes in a ton of appealing, pastel shades.  I liked this one best because of the subtle colour change. The Fitmesh size on both the tight jeans and the sweater fits my Maitreya Lara perfectly, as you can see. No gaps around the waist or huge bits poking through.

Jian have released a load of great new stuff lately. The first is the aforementioned International Coffee Station, named for your ability to choose a coffee mug with the flag of your country on it. Caaa-ute! You can get it at the Liaison Collaborative.

But, way cuter than that is the White Tail Deer collection which is currently at The Seasons Story. I’ve only shown you the adult male here, but there are lots of others including baby deer, awwww. Jian White Tail Deer Family comprises Fawn (Sleep L and R versions), Fawn (Animated), Fawn (Static), Adult Male (Static, shown plus Animated, Sleep L and R), Adult Female (Static, Sleep L & R, Static).

I should also point out that while I am using Grafica’s ‘that ii’ pose, it is compromised because of the animation in the coffee mug. The original pose has both hands around the back as with the hand nearest the camera. It’s a gorgeously natural pose set and if you’ve not been exploring at Grafica before, I suggest you get yourself over there.

Well lit, no shit for you! Click to see it huge.



5 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Cup of Coffee, Deer?

      1. Shrek’s cat voice: “for you I am the zorro” XD I am not sure what more implies to be a deer but if yes in Peru I woul be called Taruka (tah-rouh-kah) that’s the way we call them ^_^

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