Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri – Lost


I’m thinking today I might do something I haven’t done before – two blog posts. I just have so much wonderful stuff I need to show you, and I’d like it all to be as timely as I can make it. I’ve already done one thing I’ve not done before – on a weekday anyway. I slept in until 1pm. Yes. Lazy. And then I got up and had a shower. I suspect I might have needed the added sleep as I’ve had a little lurgy the last few days. Either way, I’m pleasantly awake now and itching to show you what I got for you.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Duet
Pose | Grafica Gaga iv (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Tatum (GEN-Neutral)
Jewellery | RealEvil LUX Fina Set (The Seasons Story – Winter, opened 10/1/16)


RealEvil’s jewellery is always a big fave of mine. They have their own style which usually incorporates some leather and it’s funky, cool and often unisex. Today’s LUX Fina set is not quite the same as most of their previous releases. It’s delicate, elegant and simply gorgeous. You can find it at The Seasons Story, as a part of their Winter theme. It comes with a HUD to change elements such as metal and stone, but I loved this light, white look best.

KoKoLoReS have released this cute hair – Tatum – for Gen-Neutral this round. As always, items at Gen-Neutral have to be suitable for those who do not ascribe to a particular gender and male and female too. It’s a fabulous idea and this casually taken back hair into a tiny ponytail made me feel arty.


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