Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Road to Saint-dom


Good morning and happy Friday folks! We’re going to be doing a new Pixtape Podcast in the next few weeks and theming it ‘A Pixtape Valentine’s Day Massacre’. I went out yesterday like an intrepid reporter, to try to speak to people and get their Valentine’s wishes in London City. I made a sign this time inviting people to call me and ‘send a Valentine’s Message to the whole SLworld’. I had hoped it might mean that I’d not have to bug people who didn’t want to talk and that those who did would know and call me…

I got booted out of London City! Yeah… I got an IM asking if I’d remove the board and 10 seconds later, was ejected, while I was typing back. How rude! I’m sure St Valentine went through such tribulations (and made a couple of miracles happen) in order to get his title, so I shall chalk it down to my road to saint-dom. 😀

close up

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Tip Tap Toe Dance Studio
Pose | Grafica Sedersi (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Outfit | Dead Dollz The Rehearsal Collection black. Prev Gacha, (Gift from Peri <3)
Collar/Cuffs | DATUM Sinful Bracelet & Collar Black (Cosmopolitan Event)
Rings | *RealEvil* Ice Queen Rings [Bell/Mait/2Sli/TMP] (The Seasons Story)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Vanessa Busty version HUD 1 (Hairology, opened 10/1)
Socks | !Aphorism! Knee Socks Grey Striped [Mait*/2Sli/Fitmesh/St.] (Aphorism Mainstore : Not yet on Marketplace)


Some might say that it’s unwise to undertake ballet stretches, bedecked as I am in jewels, but I say anything which distracts onlookers from my little stumbles is alright by me.

RealEvil have designed and produced these stunning ‘Ice Queen Rings’ for The Seasons Story this round. You get everything you see on my hands (except the nails and hands themselves) and each element is editable via HUD. Equally, you can alpha out parts of the collection if you so wish. Clever stuff! As you can see, there are versions for each of the mesh bodies and your life will remain easy if you remember to check what size hand they are intended for instead of trying to edit all the individual parts.

DATUM have their Sinful Bracelet and Collar at the Cosmopolitan Event in various colours. I like the understated leather look and I know the bracelet in particular will be a firm favourite for a while to come.

KoKoLoReS gave us Vanessa as one of their sweet options for Hairology which has been open for a few days now. As with every KoKo release, it comes in a choice of colour HUDs and each HUD is exceptionally generous with colour tones. I think – but you should check it out yourself – that each one has 30 colours. You don’t get that often in SL and I know I appreciate it. The style is soft, girly and has two options for those with CHESTS and those with chests.

I’ve not given much info, aside from creator for the ballet outfit and that’s because it was a gift to me from my good friend Peri. Big thanks to her! Plus, the Aphorism socks (which are adorable) were blogged previously here.

Love to y’all! And here’s to a great weekend.

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