Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Angel of Darkness


Moving soundlessly through the woods, Meri’s ears were hyper-sensitive to the sounds that would indicate she was about to be ambushed. She paused behind a tree as she heard one twig crack as if it had been trodden underfoot, no more than 12 feet away. Waiting, holding her breath, she waited for a second indication and then it came. Leaping through the air, her gun drawn, she fired twice, three times and then crouched with a hillock for cover. She heard no further sounds, the danger had passed – or passed away.

wombraider crouched

What to wear in Second Life today?

Boots | !APHORISM! Cavalry Boots Brown (Aphorism Mainstore)
Hair | +elua+ Daria (elua Mainstore)
Outfit | Addams Space Warrior [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (The Epiphany Event)


Do you do you love it? Is it, is it wicked? Sorry about the terrible lyrical reference, but I love it and I think it’s wicked. What… well, the Addams Space Warrior outfit which is available January 12 – February 2 at The Epiphany Gacha Event. I had an absolute ball doing these pictures and when I went out that night everybody said ‘Lara Croft!’. Well, I can’t comment on the inspiration for the outfit, but I can say I loved Tomb Raider and enjoyed my time as a fake Lara Croft :).

I’ve done a well lit, no shit even tho I think the photos above show it all in detail…


8 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Angel of Darkness

  1. Or it had stopped moving to watch and see what you would do next, then moved silently through the air on wings of the blackest night.

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