Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Winning the race

winning the race

If life is a race and I’m in it alone, am I winning? If life is a journey and I race through it, is it wasted, or am I  just making sure I cover as much ground as possible? Who knows eh?

I was just talking to my Mum about books. I’ve loved reading ever since I was very small and disappearing into one of these amazing worlds is what I love to do best. When people ask if I have a hobby and I say I read, they look at me like I said I do nothing. It’s far from nothing, it’s food for the soul and spice for the imagination. It’s visiting the creative core of another person and sometimes not wanting to leave. It inspires me and makes me want to do (write) something great. I haven’t done yet, but maybe one day.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Cougars Atheletics Centre 
Pose | Apple Spice Action Pose 006 (Apple Spice Marketplace)
Hair | Little Bones Axis (Little Bones Mainstore)
Pants | [Cynful] Lazy About Sweatpants Blue (Mesh Body Addicts Event)
Shoes | Baiastice London Sneakers Canvas Azure (prev Gacha) (Baiastice Mainstore)
Top | -tres blah- Knotted Tank Cat (Collabor88)
Gloves | RealEvil Bow Pastel Leather Gloves [Slink Cas/Ele] (Shiny Shabby from 20/1)


Firstly, Cougars Athletics Centre is nothing to do with cougars in the ‘older woman who is after young men for sex’ thing. Not at all, it’s simply an athletics centre you can visit. I thought I should make that clear before all you sexy older ladies and horny young men go off to pick each other up.

The Cynful Lazy About sweatpants I actually blogged with the matching top a few days ago, but they’re so comfy I’ve got them on again 🙂 They come in all the mesh body sizes (Maitreya/3Belleza/2Slink/5Standard sizes) and are available right now at Mesh Body Addicts.

The -tres blah- tshirt is so cute and also available in the mesh body sizes at Collabor88. This one has a white cat on the front with huge blue eyes which I think is awesomely funky.

I wanted to show you a close up of the RealEvil Bow Pastel Leather Gloves because they’re cute and also because they come with rings, which is a nice touch. Each pack comes with a HUD to change colour of the gloves, bow and metal of the rings. You can click on the pic below to see it huge.


Finally, I did a well lit, no shit for you, so you can see the tshirt front. Aren’t I good to you? 😀



10 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Winning the race

  1. I love reading as well. Although know I try to fill more time creating. As you do daily writing and composing your second life.
    Well you have to run enough quick than death is not going to catch us but not so slow that death catch to us… I read it in a comic (that is quite different to literature but I guess are books as are history books)

  2. Reading is the best hobby in the world! I love escaping into other people’s worlds, when people tell me they don’t read novels I tend to look at them in shock then feel a little sorry for them. It must be boring not letting your imagination take you away through someone else’s words!

    1. I know just what you mean Leesee! I’m the same about music too. I don’t mind what genre of music or books anyone enjoys as long as they do it – if not I don’t think our souls would meld haha ❤

      1. I hear you on music too! I met a guy once who didn’t like music, never listened to any music at all. It completely baffled my mind! I couldn’t imagine life without books and music!

      2. Me too! He was a freak in other ways though – soon after I found he didn’t own a sound system of any kind (this was about 15 years ago) he bit me! Yowsers.

      3. Hahaha that would have been a bit of a shock! I don’t have a sound system as such these days, I find I use spotify though my phone for most music and just plug computer speakers into the jack if I want louder music. Least he could have done was play some music if he was gonna bite you! Might have made the mood better hahaha

      4. Haha, ok, here’s the mood music playlist

        1. Buzzcocks ‘Love Bites’

        2. Lorde ‘Biting Down’

        3. Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosis Dead’

        4. Roky Erickson ‘Night Of The Vampire’

        5. Mazzy Star ‘Taste Of Blood’

        6. OutKast ‘Draculas Wedding’

        7. Peter Tosh ‘Vampire’

        8. Cameron Tucker ‘People Aren’t Food’

        9. Rod Stewart ‘First Cut Is The Deepest’

        10. Neil Young ‘Vampire Blues’

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