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I love books. I sometimes ask people if they like reading and they say ‘Yeah, course’, but rarely do these people love reading in the same way I do. A person who loves reading like I do can’t imagine a day spent without some of that day belonging to a book. I’ve always been this way, encouraged by a mother who would get me a book as a treat if I’d been good, or instead of something she didn’t like doing. Given the choice between going to a fireworks display with a reluctant and somewhat jumpy parent (bless her) and getting a brand new book, I’d choose the book almost every time.

One day, I’d like a little room just for reading in. A library made of wood with a large window, a fireplace, a grandfather clock, an easy chair and a window seat. I’d have a vase of dried lavender for a delicate, natural smell and an occasional table on which I’d place a pot of tea and my favourite mug.

I read a lot. I have to set an alarm at bedtime now, because I’ve been known to get so lost that several hours later I emerge (probably because I finished the book) to find it’s 4am. Books are other worlds, other people’s lives and a fantasy in which I live at least as much as Second Life.

My words to you today, anyone who happens to be reading, are these… Get lost in a book 😉

What to buy in Second Life today?

Bench | JIAN Plush Storage Bench (The Chapter Four – less than 100l$ room)
Cats | !APHORISM! Stone Cat 1 & 2 (The Gacha Garden)
Bowl | !APHORISM! Bowl with ceramic balls (The Gacha Garden)
Books | !APHORISM! Walnut Hand Bookends & Books (The Gacha Garden)
Table | !APHORISM! Cherry Wood Table (The Gacha Garden)
Stool | !APHORISM! Cushioned Stool (The Gacha Garden)
Vases | !APHORISM! Floor Vases (The Gacha Garden)
Clock | !APHORISM! Reclaimed wood clock settable (The Gacha Garden)


It’s not like me to blog just decor, but honestly, all this adorable stuff came at the same time and I couldn’t resist making myself a little den in which to read, unembarrassed and uninterrupted.

Jian’s Plush Storage Bench (on which I’m lying) is openable and there are two options – one with junk in and one without. You can also change the texture and colours and choose a pose in which to chill.

!APHORISM!’s collection for The Gacha Garden is so adorable. My personal faves are the two large stone cats which I’ve used to guard me here. The clock is fully functional (i.e. you can set the time to let you know when you should stop reading).

I’m putting the image in again, in lieu of a ‘well lit, no shit’ pic, so you can click to see it huge (the top picture simply takes you through to my Flickr account).


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