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I was talking with a good friend a few days ago about Australia. They were saying how a colleague of theirs had recently been for a few weeks and had commented ‘You just don’t realise how far away the cities are from each other and how boring the trip is between them’.

I nodded and added ‘And all you would get to see really are cities built by people much like ourselves’. I went on, adding reasons why I wouldn’t want to visit Australia. I threw in a lack of culture, which I’m a little ashamed of being that I don’t know much about what culture is on offer in Aus.

I got as far as saying that it was a hell of a long way away and that I didn’t really like flying very much. At this point, we were getting closer to the truth.

Eventually it came bursting out… ‘Actually, it’s none of those things I said, it’s spiders and snakes, scorpions and other things that can kill you. I just can’t bear the idea of them’.

I have a friend through SL who is an Aussie and who I broached this subject with, she reassured me ‘Oh I’ve not seen a bitchkiller spider for a couple of years now, mostly just normal humungo-scary spiders on a day-to-day basis’. (Names of spiders may be fictitious for the purposes of this blog)

And there we have it folks… Australia is a scary place, not for the chicken-shit likes of me.


What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Hazardous
Pose | {Imeka} Sits 01 pack ({Imeka} Mainstore)
Glasses | Glamistry Sunglasses PU2002 (Glamistry Mainstore)
Hair | ARGRACE Azami Honey Blonde (Argrace Mainstore)
Skirt | Addams High Rise Skirt wi. Panties (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Shirt | Addams Ronson Shirt (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Necklace | Tantalum Xue2 Necklace GIFT(Jack or Jill Hunt – Jack)
Bracelets | Empyrean Forge Imbolc Bands GIFT (Jack or Jill Hunt – Jill)


Addams new release – the Ronson Shirt – is a very tight, beautifully detailed shirt with optional bra (I chose no bra… SL is wonderful). You can change the colours of the pocket plackets, edging and collar to mix it up a little. O’course if you get the fatpack, the combinations are endless!

The jewellery in these shots is courtesy of the Jack or Jill Hunt by Depraved Nation. The links above take you to their website with hints and a teleport to get you started. I especially love the Empyrean Forge Imbolc Bands – even tho I had no idea what they might be when I put them on 😀

Here’s a ‘well lit, no shit’ so you can click on me and see it all big.


13 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri |Down Under

  1. Hahahaha I’m from Australia and there seriously isn’t that many spiders and stuff that you have to look out for, yes we have them, but they’re not dropping down on you like some horror movie! I haven’t seen a snake since I was a kid and living in the hills, if you live in the city you don’t really see snakes. Scorpions I haven’t seen in Australia at all lol Sharks I’ve never seen at the beach and Crocodile’s I’ve only ever seen at the zoo. It’s all relative to where you live in Australia really.

    As for culture, there’s plenty of culture here, it’s just a very large multicultural community so there’s a bit of everything all mixed in! The travelling between cities is pretty boring by car, it’s a long distance filled with nothing. Australia is pretty much the size of America, except we have huge stretches of countryside in between cities so there’s not much to look at on a 12 hour drive and there’s not many places to stop at in between!

    1. You’re making me feel a little bit braver Leesee! Haha. I was only kidding about Australia having no culture, I’m sure it has tons, I was just scraping around for reasons when mostly, the reasons had 8 legs 😀

      Out of interest, how big are the spiders you find in your home? Here they’re like 1″ usually, a bad one is 2″.

      1. The most common spiders I find in my house are black house spiders or whitetips which are usually around the same size, sometimes I get huntsmans which are big but harmless and I hate them! I do not like spiders AT ALL

      2. I guess you just get used to whacking spiders with your shoe haha The big one’s though, I go get my neighbour to come and kill them. That’s not brave at all!!! hahaha

  2. You were talking about Australia and scary bugs and then i saw side boob and totally forgot about scary bugs.. If i ever go there i may need to take you along for moral support. Or at least to forget about the scary bugs.

  3. The thing of it is that in Australia we have far less large carnivores or ‘man killers’ than other countries. I mean, in the US you can be out in the woods and get mauled by a great bloody bear. There are no such large killers in Aus. Well, that is excluding crocodiles and sharks. Crocodiles particularly like German tourists, it seems. Sharks are good natured carnivores and will often take only a leg or a chunk of flesh and so leave younglings pretty much intact so as to be able to breed and create shark food for the future. Sharks are good like that – long term thinkers. There is also the ubiquitous drop bear. These stealth hunters have developed a taste for Brits. Just remember to look up occasionally and you should be ok. Other than that, Australia is very safe. It’s true, there are some poisonous spiders and snakes that like to hang out in the dunny but if you don’t make any sudden movements you are usually fine. Anyway, if the weather is good, which it usually is, you can just go outside and so avoid these loo lurkers. So, to sum up, Australia is as safe as Hell when it comes to the animals. As for the humans, well, that’s another story.

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