Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Pack Leader

Pack Leader

Sometimes at night when I go out with my homies, we just let rip. We really tear it up. They honestly have me howling laughing. It’s like, while the moon is up, we’re free to roam and get wild. If you hear us in your neighbourhood, don’t be afraid, just get the cat in.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Pose | Bubica Crawling Kitty (Bubica on Marketplace)
Shoes | {DIX 4 CHIX} Myia Laced Heels (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)
Hair | +elua+ Judith Light Blonde (Uber)
Wolves | Jian Wolf Companion & Pack (We ❤ RP Event)
Bodysuit | DATUM Moonlight [Omeg/Bell/Mait/Sli/Lay] (Suicide Dollz)
Tights | Simple Hearty Stockings Black [Lay/Omeg] (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)
Tattoo | Dita Couture Leopard Tattoo [Omeg/Mait/Sli/TMP/Bell/Lay] (Jack or Jill Hunt – Jill)


It’s a really applier type of day for me today, and that’s kind of unusual because, to be frank, they drive me screwy if you wear more than one (you know how some bits sometimes don’t appear?) Well, today they behaved magnificently.

DATUM’s bodysuit is really cute and comes in white on black or black on white. The Dita Couture Leopard tattoo is really cute too, if you fancy being a wild thing. Oh I should say, the stockings do have feet in, but I don’t have Omega for Slink feet (is there such a thing?) and I had my Slink feet on because of the lovely DIX heels.

Jian’s wolves are stunning. There’s a companion wolf that you can wear and will just hang with you and be your bud (front right) and all the other wolves you can rezz on the ground. I swear each has their own personality.

Here’s well lit, no shit, so you can see the clothes clearly and the wolf in daylight! Click to see us huge.


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