Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | I made the bed


Hello, Saturday blog readers. I appreciate you dropping by when you have tons of other things to do and hopefully some of them are fun. Speaking for myself, I woke up early and went in the bathroom and then my bed was almost literally calling to me. It said ‘I’m soft, I’m still warm and I’m oh so cosy’. So I got back into it just for five minutes and bam. It was nearly 12. SO LAZY.

So, I went to the opticians as I told you yesterday and – surprise, surprise – my eyesight has improved a little again. I thought this was great news, but he said that means I can’t wear my older glasses if my eyes get tired and so I needed new ones anyway and I need to spend more time off the computer, or focussing on points in the distance, or something. Gah.

I chose my new pair, cus I put them on, looked in the mirror and thought ‘My name is Michael Caine’ and it made me happy. I think that’s as good a reason as any to choose some windows.


What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose 1 | {.::SkyPose::.} Playground Pose Set (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)
Pose 2 | grafica – Healy v (On9, 9/2 – 28/2)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Berlin Hair – HUD 01 (KoKoLoReS Mainstore  : KoKoLoReS Marketplace)
Top | Addams Meryl Top [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Knicks | erratic cerise – darks 01 (Uber)
Bed | Jian Aurelia Bed – Prev Seasons Story, try (Jian Mainstore)
Make-Up | Elysian Ruined Eyeliner (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)


As you can tell by the two pictures, I wasn’t sure which way to go with photographing this top from Addams, but I liked the outcome of both (even tho they’re different) so you get one happy morning shot and one sad night-time shot. The sad night-time shot gave me the opportunity to share Elysian’s Ruined Eyeliner with you from the Thrift Shop.

The Addams top itself is called Meryl and I love it, it’s sexy, relaxed and casual and it will be great under a jacket or in Summer with shorts. I like the nippley look myself, it seems natural and fitting for a mesh body which has actual nipples.

KoKoLoReS have a new mainstore release – Berlin, which is a perky updo available, as always, with one of their HUDs containing 30 colour choices.

So, if you’ve not a lot to do in RL today, go shopping in SL and make a splash 😀

Here’s ‘well lit, no shit’ – just in case you want to see things in more detail…


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