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Don't mess

Yeah! I look a little dangerous today eh? I jolly well hope so anyway. I have to admit to a love for games where I shoot people… Tomb Raider, Hitman (god I love the Hitman series, the last few years has been torturous without them) and Fable in particular. I should specify, I’m a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to shooting people – I like to think about it, work it out, do it just right. I hate war games and shoot-em-ups. In my mind, I’m some kind of deadly yet heroic assassin, helping to make the world a better place, one bullet at a time.

In RL, I’m very anti guns and bullets, and so I kind of disapprove of that part of me which craves computer violence, but I cannot deny it.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Remnants of Earth in Tron 
Pose | Stiff Pose – The Casual Raider, Croft 04 (Stiff Pose Marketplace)
Dress | .:Pulse:. Cherie Lingerie Dress Blue [Mait/Belleza/Slink/5ss] (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Vanya (Hairology – 10-30 Feb)
Monocle | [Since 1975] Monocle 201 Eyeglass Black (Jack or Jill Hunt – Jack)
Shoes | Goji Curtsy Cuties Shoes in Gentle [Mait/Slink] (Goji Mainstore : Goji Marketplace)
Tattoo | PMS Love Hate Sleeve Tattoo [Omeg/TMP/Layers] (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)


So much goodness today! KoKoLoReS released two new hairs, of which this is one. Vanya is a very feminine and long style which comes in busty and not busty versions with any one of three HUDs, each containing 30 colour choices. You can get it at Hairology right now, so pop on over.

I couldn’t resist [Since 1975]’s Monocle, which is a gift in Depraved Nation’s Jack or Jill hunt on the Jack path. It’s so darn cute and it fitted straight out of the box. I think it gives me an edge 😉

The dress is by Pulse and is called Cherie. It’s beautifully fitted mesh and fit me perfectly. I love the blue colour and you can get it at The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition which is on now.

PMS’s Love Hate Sleeve Tattoo is one of their offerings for The Thrift Shop too. It doesn’t come with body appliers, but rather with an Omega applier which means that, providing you have the Omega HUD which is available for free or almost free, you can apply it to pretty much anything. It does come with appliers for TMP. I should have said that at the start shouldn’t I?

I’m going to finish today by telling you about someone new I’m blogging for – Goji. I fell in love with Goji’s style and quality and they accepted me as a blogger. Yay! They sent me some really cute shoes and some boots you’ll no doubt see soon on this blog. The Curtsy Cuties Shoes are adorably kitsch and come with a HUD to change the colour of the shoes and the colour of the socks. I took a close up so you can see the beautiful detailing (no editing of course).


Finally, finally… a well lit no shit shot so you can see me huge and unedited and check for faults 😀

Click to see me huge

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