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The urge to escape to the beach is overwhelming sometimes – yes, even in February. It’s actually quite mild here at the moment, but fresh when the wind comes in from over the sea. Me and my buds hang out, sort the world out and chill before brushing the sand from ourselves and making our winding way home.

I have good news and bad news in Meriland – and it’s the same thing. The Easter Eggs are out in the shops already. I have a thing for chocolate anyway, but when it comes to Easter Eggs, I’m a goner. It’s the oval shape and breaking it to eat pieces of curved, delicious perfection. Ok, ok, I admit it. I had one already *blush*. It’s wrong, it’s bad and I love it.

I strongly suggest that this weekend, you put an hour aside to watch your favourite series on TV (or Netflix if you’re not a dinosaur like me) and eat an Easter Egg. 😮

What to buy in Second Life today?

Visit | Baja Cove
Friends | !APHORISM! Ragdoll Animals see below (Whimsical, from 18/2 to 3/3)
Hair/Hat | .Olive. The Eve Hair (Collabor88 February)
Shirtwaist | KITJA Rebeca Waist Shirt Grey [Mait/2Sli/5ss/Unrig] (Kitja Mainstore)
Jeans | MOoH! Skinny Jeans [5ss] (The Thrift Shop – Love or Hate Edition)
Top | 1 Hundred Unchain My Heart Top [Fitmesh] (Jack or Jill Hunt – Jill)
Shoes | CandyDoll Tricky Pippa Neon [Mait/Bell/N-C/Sli/TMP] (CandyDoll Mainstore)


The 1 Hundred Unchain My Heart top is a freebie for the Jack or Jill Hunt and it’s dead cute. It has two designs and like… 5 fitmesh sizes. I find it a bit confusing cus I have no idea what size I am when they are numbered 1-5, but I just guessed and hurrah, I was a 3.

MOoH!’s Skinny Jeans for The Thrift Shop are cute, straight legged and come in a variety of most wearable colours. However… /me smacks the hand of MOoH!, as much as I like them, I didn’t like to see the logos of the mesh bodies on the display picture… to clarify, they come in 5 standard sizes and it should make no odds whether somebody has ‘tested’ them on fitted mesh bodies, the sizes do not change.

I got the KITJA Rebeca Waist Shirt from an event – Uber I think… anyway, my guess is that the event is over and you should seek them out at the mainstore as indicated.

Finally-ish, I want to properly introduce you to my friends – Ragdoll Frog, Ragdoll Deer, Ragdoll Rabbit and Ragdoll Sheep. They came to me from !APHORISM!’s new collection for a brand new event – Whimsical. You can expect discounted items and gachas and some really fabulous contributors and designers. Let us waste no time in practicalities and jet off to Whimsical post haste!

Here’s Aphorism’s full collection –

!APHORISM! Ragdoll Animals Collectoin SL

Finally-finally, here is my ‘Well lit, no shit’ picture, so you can click and see everything huge. HUGE I tell you ❤


7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Our Day Out

      1. Hahaha, you know… I only began to watch movies with 15 certificates a few years ago and now I chance the occasional 18 rated movie… I might have to give it a go tho – they look awesomelly evil. 😀

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