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dancing with myself

My Mum has been known to say some wise words in her time, but none are wiser than the oft-repeated ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time’. She’s right, not for a lack of trying sometimes, but she’s sooo right. If you even try to, you end up pleasing nobody. I was interested recently, while watching some TV, to see ‘the young folks’ on it say about somebody ‘He’s ok, but he’s a people pleaser’ and I’m guessing this must be what they mean.

I’ve always been somebody who gets the most pleasure from life if I’m making those around me happy. Quite literally – if you’re happy, I am. I very much dislike making people unhappy. But there are times in your life when that little voice inside you is saying ‘but this thing – this right here – is making me unhappy’ so you have to call a halt to proceedings and say so.

I don’t have a rocking conclusion for you, there are no easy answers in life. I guess we all try, we all fail sometimes and succeed others. May you have more happy days than not, readers.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Partner | Jian Saxton Dining Chair (Jian Mainstore)
Music | LTD Bronze Gramophone, I think is now (Apple Fall Mainstore)
Table | {Reverie} Daydream Nest of Tables – 1 of ({Reverie} Mainstore)
Pose 1 | Del May Stardom – modified  (Del May Mainstore)
Hair | Lamb. Wake Up – Prev Gacha, try (Lamb. Mainstore)
Top | Vinyl Summers Top [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Whimsical, from 18/2 to 3/3)
Skirt | Vinyl Florence Skirt [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Whimsical, from 18/2 to 3/3)
Necklace | {Reverie} Box of Charms Victorian Heiress Necklace RARE (The Arcade, 1-31 March)
Bracelet | {Reverie} Box of Charms Upper East Side Bracelet (The Arcade, 1-31 March)
Watch | {Reverie} Box of Charms East Side Watch RARE (The Arcade, 1-31 March)


So much deliciousness today! Firstly, I’m pleased to have become a blogger for Vinyl. They’ve been releasing some lovely stuff lately – as you can see. The Summers Top and Florence Skirt are both available at the Whimsical Event which is on for another week.

{Reverie} have released their ‘Box of Charms’ Jewellery especially for The Arcade which doesn’t begin until the 1st March. So yeah… nice sneaky peek for you of some of the items here 🙂 I wanted to show you the full range available anyway – but I looked like I’d overdone it a tad when I put it all on, haha. Here’s the gacha key so you can see what bits you need to get when The Arcade opens. Click it to see everything huge.

reverie the arcade gacha

Finally, a well lit, no shit shot for you… click to see me huge too 🙂



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