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Walk the dinosaur

Afternoon monsters. I’m so glad it’s Friday, bet you are too. The day before yesterday I did something I’m so happy about and I waited until now to tell you in case it all went wrong – and so far, it hasn’t (touches wood). I took my laptop apart, took out the faulty hard drive (after locating it which took an inordinate amount of time) and cloned it onto a new one I bought and then replaced it into the computer and WAHAY! It’s working.

Like many people, I had this in-built surety that it wasn’t something I could do, but I was wrong. I was filled with a new confidence after watching a Youtube video of a guy doing the same thing, only he was an absolute idiot. I thought ‘If he can do it, I can!’

The cloner itself was about £45 and the hard drive another £45 (and I bought a new screwdriver set and some air spray to clean it out). I’d urge you to think about doing the same if ever your hard drive shows signs of giving up, or even if you are just concerned that you may lose all your data/programs/operating system.

I had been told by my faithful sidekick Thom which things to buy and what vids to watch and despite the fact that when I opened my laptop up, it didn’t look like the one in the tubevid, it worked out in the end. Yay! That’s a £1200 laptop repaired for £100 and without any creepy guy going through it. (I should clarify, Thom isn’t the creepy guy. The creepy guy is a theoretical person who might have fixed my computer and rifled through my snapshots).

What to buy in Second Life today?

Visit | Mysts of Eyr – A Medifantasy Jungle RP Sim
Dinos | Jian Dino Buddies (The Arcade, 1-31 March)


In this super sneak preview, you get to meet my new Jian Dino Buddies – L-R – 13. Fast Biter Green, 15. Three-horn Blue, 6. RARE Sharp-tooth Green, 1. Long-Neck Red, 9. Flyer Red

Jian’s gacha for The Arcade is pretty darn awesome – These dinos are mountable steeds that make dino sounds, override your avatar animations (which can be turned off for multiple dino wearing), can be resized and have walk, run and idle animations.

There are five dinosaur species to collect, named nostalgically after the names The Land Before Time’s titles for each species throughout the series, in several colors each for a total of 16 possible dinos to collect. The rares for this set are three elusive and feared ‘Sharp Tooth’ (Tyrannosaurus Rex).

Here’s the gacha key:

JIAN __ Dino Buddies Gacha Key 481x512

I also want to say that I rarely go to an RP sim to do photographs, as I am concerned I might disrupt the flow of the place, but Mysts of Eyr was empty when I arrived and I had a lovely explore. It’s a stunning place, as you can probably tell from the first picture. If I were into RP, I’d get right in there and no mistake!

Here’s a well lit, no shit pic with a difference, haha. Click to see Three Horn huge (he is my fave and the smallest).


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