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You get so used to sharing information about what you’re wearing and what you think of it as a blogger, that it was a shock last night when a young lady I was talking to said that she’d already asked some people the same questions she’d asked me about mesh bodies and that they’d been reticent to help. I honestly don’t understand that. I mean, everybody borrows inspiration and ideas from other people – even the original designers of clothes look at RL fashion before working on something new.

I heard people worry that they’d all look the same with a mesh body on, but they’re just bodies… we apply skins, our own shapes etc. and we’re all different. I don’t get upset if I’m wearing the same hair as anybody else – although there is a wide selection of hair available, we all run off to the same events and buy the same stuff, so it’s a given that there will be duplication. But this is only the same as the real world and fashion available in high street shops.

I’d never claim to be completely original (or completely the best haha) but I’m comfortable being me and sharing what I like.  Saying that, I’d never share my shape and I’m reticent to share make-up information. I think your face is what makes you individual in Second Life and that’s why I’ve not gone down the mesh head route as yet.

What are your thoughts on sharing avatar information? Do you do it? Do you hold anything back?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Soul Deep
Pose | Exposeur – Adorably Awkward (Exposeur Poses Mainstore)
Hair | Beusy Grudge Mesh Hair v.1 (Kustom9)
Flower | *LODE* Single Peony (Shiny Shabby Birthday Gift)
Top | [Cynful] Hey Bae Top [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)
Pants | [Cynful] Hey Bae Pants [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)


Cynful’s casual Bae Top and Pants (I’d have called them shorts personally but hey… pants will do!) are stunningly gorgeous. I especially love the shorts – omg they way they fit, they’re completely lush. They come in a wide range of colours and you can use the HUD to change the edging on the shorts and the sleeves of the top. They’re separates so you can buy them to match or not, as your whim dictates.

I’ve done a well lit, no shit picture, below, so you can click and see me huge, but I’ve also done a little dancing video bloglet again, so you can see them when I move. It’s not fabulous quality but I’m still getting used to this – please bear with me 🙂




10 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Yellow Rose

  1. I have no problems sharing anything with anyone haha I think that’s why I blog! I used to be like you and against mesh heads but I find now that I’ve warmed up to them and like trying on different heads and making different looks using different skins etc.

    My shape I’ve shared on my favourite things page, but I’ve also modified the body a lot and when I’m not wearing a mesh head I’ve modified the face a little as well so even if people do go buy the same shape they won’t look exactly like me. I don’t understand people who get offended when people ask them where they’ve purchased something, I think it’s flattering when someone likes what I’m wearing enough to IM me and ask where I got it! I usually tell them where I got it even if they just IM me to say that they like what I’m wearing! hahaha

    1. I don’t dislike mesh heads, I think they’re beautiful. I guess I’ve just got so used to my ‘own’ face after almost 8 years that I can’t ‘face’ changing it haha. Sorry about the pun, I know it was bad. I’m guessing your shape is one that was bought originally, although you have modified it to make it more you? I never bought a shape – it wasn’t a decision, I just didn’t realise you could and then I’d already made one so I thought okay and stuck with it.

      I agree completely about sharing info on clothes, I don’t mind at all when folks ask and it is a compliment you’re so right. It’s more than that though, it’s a passion and I love to talk about things, how they fit and what I think about them. ❤

      1. haha nice pun! I made my own shape for years but then after a while got bored and wanted a new look so bought one and then modified it to make it how I liked it (corners of the mouth not as turned down, eyes a little less squinted, shorter, stocker etc)

        Since having a mesh head I find that I never take them off now, I was using mesh mouths before so I was always photoshopping out lines and now I don’t have to do that \o/!

        Yeah it really is a passion! I think without my blog I’d probably leave sl these days haha so bored if I’m not blogging!

  2. Lovely outfit on your av.
    I love to share info – the freebie community may be a bit more into sharing/helping with looks than some of the upper fashion folks?
    I have indeed met a few people who were reluctant to tell me where their skin or mesh body was from. Fortunately, that’s rare.
    I’d not be afraid that if I share info someone would look identical because our tastes vary as much as we do, even if someone had the same invent as mine, they would still differ. As for the shape, if someone asked mine I’d prolly tweak it a bit before sharing 😉 I believe my sl nose is unique and needs to stay so (a bit weird looking like my rl nose). I love what you did with your face but it’s you, I don’t think anyone could twin it, even with make up info 😉

    1. Aw thanks Elbe. I love your face (and especially your nose) too. Yeah I think you’re so right, even given the same equipment and tools, we’re all different because we choose to be.
      Once, a long time ago, an avatar turned up at AAi who kinda looked like Meri, only it hadn’t come off. I wasn’t there but someone took a picture and sent it to me with the caption ‘Crack whore Meri’ 😀 I have to admit to laughing a bit. I’ve no idea if it were deliberate or just coincidence.

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