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yo ho ho

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. I don’t have a bottle of rum, but I guess part of being a pirate is waiting ’til someone sails along with a bottle and then taking it from them. And no, Bacardi Breezers don’t count. My friends don’t drink, which is great, because that means they can steer the boat (‘cept the Frog, he thinks I don’t know – it’s not easy being green tho, so I let him off).

What to buy in Second Life today?

Pose | {Imeka} Sits 05 – modified pose 3  (Imeka Mainstore)
Boat | .:. PIRATE WORLD .:. Pirate Boat I With Flag & Swing Animation (Pirate World Marketplace)
Fox | !APHORISM! Ragdoll Fox –  prev Whimsical, try (Aphorism Mainstore)
Deer/Rabbit | !APHORISM! Ragdoll Deer & Rabbit RARE – prev Whimsical, try (Aphorism Mainstore)
Frog | !APHORISM! Ragdoll Frog – prev Whimsical, try (Aphorism Mainstore)
Lantern | [Fetch] Summer Picnic Lantern (Fetch Marketplace)
Hat | Severed Garden Sailor Hat, part of older outfit (Severed Garden Marketplace)
Hair | Lamb. Date Night, prev Arcade Gacha, try (Lamb Mainstore)
Shoes | Wonton Femme Alexei Lowtop Sneakers Cherry (Wonton Mainstore)
Jumpsuit | Goji Romper Ali Stripe [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Goji Mainstore : Goji Marketplace)


This whole theme began because I wanted to show you Goji’s latest release – the Ali Romper. It comes in various designs – I chose stripe – and each design comes with a HUD to change to one of four coloursets. There are pastel ones, navy (shown) etc. It’s hard to express just how cute it is. It has an adorable hood on the back which you will see in my amazing dance video below 😀

Aphorism had the cutest set of ragdoll friends at Whimsical last round and although I blogged them before, they are my go to friends of the moment. Whenever I’m planning a day out I ask them along and they’re always willing. I’m so hoping the creator has them in his mainstore already.

Here’s a well lit, no shit picture which you can click on to see me huge. Also, there is a video below that so you can see the things I’m wearing while moving and check that I haven’t airbrushed anything (I never would!). Please excuse my friend Mav who ims me while I’m making the vid with his national greeting ‘yo’. He says he hopes to now be famous and I assured him, I’d have to be famous first for that to happen via my blog! Haha. Bless!


Mav, I’m sorry I wasn’t doing the David Brent dance in the vid, if only I were pre-cognisant.




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