Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Spring


Hey Guys! I’ve spent most of this afternoon recording the next Pixtape Podcast with my buds Scarlet and Chris and our special guest and friend Nodnol. It won’t be out for a week or so, but when it does, expect a full run down of sex in SL haha. It was fun! After the podcast itself is released, I’m probably going to do a blog about the results of the SL Sex Survey – we had such a lot of responses, it was inspiring.

As a result I’m running a little late in my blog today so I’m keeping it short and sweet hopefully – bring Spring on! I’m so ready.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Storybrooke 
Hair | Exile Peaceful Easy Feeling Blondes (Collabor88 March)
Boots | *Tentacio* Rain Boots Unrigged (Collabor88 March)
Top | [Cynful] Hottie Halter Top [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)
Shorts | Addams Dolores Short w/belt [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Collabor88 March)


I’m loving the new Spring fashions coming out at the moment, my fave designers are not letting us down in that regard at all.

Addams Dolores Short is available right now at Collabor88. There are many shades of ‘jeans’ that you can choose, plus some special editions like the ones shown with flowery back pockets. Other adapatable parts are the studs which can be colour changed or hidden and the belt which also has a selection of leather colours and can be hidden. They are simply spanking.

Cynful’s new mainstore release – the Hottie halter top is available right now at their mainstore and probably on their marketplace too. It’s a soft, sexy, fitted top which shows off your midriff and shoulders. You can choose a contrasting colour for the edging (shown here in hot pink) and also change the colour/texture of the ring at the neck.

As Collabor88 has now introduced a separate ‘cam-2-shop’ sim next door, it’s easier to get in and so I picked up some rain boots from Tentacio (supercute, not rigged for feet and modifiable) and hair with daisies from Exile called Peaceful Easy Feeling (which was a 1973 hit for US band The Eagles – do look it up).

Here’s a well lit, no shit picture so you can see the front in full detail – click to see me huge.


And finally, of course, my dancing video… yuh. I know. I’m so hot 😉

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Spring

    1. Thanks Francis. Is it Autumn for you? How strange that seems, lol. I’m curious to know what British diction is more comfortable to you than? I’m not sure that’s a good sentence – I mean, what is less comfortable?

      1. Yes, Autumn. But you are the Spring ^_^
        American diction, sometimes to me it’s quite fast! I am like a deaf man trying to get a sense, with east coast diction not so much, and the Southern seems funny. Instead aussies are a bit tough to my ear. British instead is cleares, and a bit funny as well, because I hear it a bit like people would singing slowly ^-^

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