Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Sneaky 5 minutes

Sneaky 5 Mins

Mondays are made for one thing only in my humble opinion – getting through with as little strife as possible. So, if you can sneak away for 5 minutes into a handy storage cupboard, so much the better!

The clocks changed in Second Life over the weekend, as they did in many countries around the world, but not mine! So it’s all out of whack for a couple of weeks. It probably doesn’t affect most folks in the real world so much, but in SL when you’re running a club with DJs from all around the globe it can be a bit of a ballache (if I had balls, from which to ache). I tend to just throw my hands up in the air for this part of March and say ‘Just do what feels right to you at the moment and we’ll all work out in the end’.

It’s almost profound it’s so simple 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose/Prop | Image Essentials Evolution Gacha (Luck of the Irish Gacha, from 3pm 13/3)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Sienna Hair HUD 01 (Hairology, from 10/3)
Necklace 1 | Maxi Gossamer Truth Owl prev Gacha, try (Maxi Gossamer Mainstore)
Necklace 2 | [MANDALA] Kyara Forest (Mandala Mainstore)
Shoes | [L.Warwick] Elation Slink/Bell Mid. Now Livalle, try (Livalle Mainstore)
Glasses | [Z O O M] Candy Lips Glasses (Whore Couture 5)
Jacket | Vinyl Rom Jacket/Shirt [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (The Liaison Collaborative)
Pants | Vinyl Shinoda Khakis [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Mesh Body Addicts, 1/3 – 1/4)


[Z O O M]’s new Candy Lips Glasses are so adorable. They come in various colours and you can even remove the teeth from the lenses or change their colour too if you prefer. Metals etc. are also changeable via HUD. You can get them at Whore Couture 5 which is on right now.

KoKoLoReS’s Sienna Hair is a cute, casual long style which comes in busty and not busty versions. You can get it at Hairology in one of three colour packs with a massive 30 colours in each pack for only 299l$. It’s a bargain and a quality item, you should grab it now.

Two new items from Vinyl today! The Rom Jacket and Shirt (the shirt is optional) is available in a plethora of fitted mesh sizes at The Liaison Collaborative. You can change button colours and underjacket colours too.

The Vinyl Shinoda Khakis are going to get a lot of wear from me. They are simple casual trousers with a great cut and a ton of colours from which to choose. They’re at Mesh Body Addicts and they’re walking off the shelves (sorry, punning!).

Finally-ish, Depraved Nation’s Luck of the Irish Gacha event opened last night in SL. There are tons of fabulous vendors at the event with some really cute (and also useful) items. Today, I wanted to show you the wonderful poses and props from Image Essentials. It’s called the ‘Evolution of a Hipster’ and each item is not only brilliant, but they are very individual. So, very much worth a punt or two to get the poses you want most!

Luck of the Irish Gacha 2016

So, here’s well lit, no shit for you to click on and see me huge…




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