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It’s Midwok, Humpday and also Wednesday. What better day for going out with your bicycle?

I wanted to talk today generally about folks who don’t like things. Folks like us, I guess. We all have things we don’t like or don’t enjoy doing and so generally, I think, we avoid them.

There is a smaller section of society though who doesn’t like things in a different way. They don’t just accept that they don’t like something and move on, they have to campaign for other people to not like them either. They even go so far as to find people who DO like that thing and try to tell them how wrong they are and how they should stop immediately and post haste.

I’ve had two such examples recently and both make me quite bewildered, and both are connected with SL. The first is that people sometimes happen across this blog when they are looking for reviews on the mesh bodies. I did some impartial reviews with pictures a while ago for some of the main mesh bodies and I get plenty of comments and a few questions from people who read it – which is wonderful. I love to hear from people about their own experiences. However, I also get the occasional comment from somebody who doesn’t like the mesh body and the most recent asked me to convince them of why they should. I, of course, didn’t – the reviews are there for people to make their own minds up, I’m not selling the bodies or getting a commission. They aren’t alone either, there have been others.

The second is a guy on Reddit who think that SL Fashion blogs have no place in the SL subreddit. He not only doesn’t like them and doesn’t read them, he actively campaigns for bloggers to stop posting them. This is despite there being an option for him not to see them at all in the SL Reddit, despite them all being clearly labelled. He could simply ‘switch them off’ for himself, but no. It’s far more important than that to him.

I think when somebody is passionate for a cause, it can be a wonderful thing, but when somebody is passionately against something which is, let’s face it, not that important, they should question their own reasons for feeling the way they do. Live and let live guys!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Bike | IMAGE ESSENTIALS – Evolution of a Hipster 9 RARE Gacha (Luck of the Irish Gacha)
Shorts | Blueberry Milly Leather Shorts [Mait] (Mesh Body Addicts)
Tattoo | House of Pain Oblivion Gacha RARE [Mait/Omeg/Bell/Lay] (Luck of the Irish Gacha)
Hair | Little Bones Lo (Little Bones Mainstore)


Blueberry’s new Milly Leather Shorts are so adorable and ‘well-cut’ and you can grab them at Mesh Body Addicts until 1st April. They come in a huge array of colours with a HUD to change the metal colours. You can see them close up by clicking on the ‘well lit, no shit’ picture below, or by watching the silly dancing video.

The Luck of the Irish Gacha Event by Depraved Nation is providing tons of bloggy inspiration right now. It’s on until 27/3 and you should go see what you can grab. I’ll be honest, I think some gacha events can be a bit crappy, but this one has tons of great stuff. Image Essentials ‘Evolution of a Hipster’ gacha is totally rad (80s slang). Each prop comes with an inbuilt pose and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want the lot.

House of Pain (great name for a tattoo place)’s Oblivion tattoo is quite amazing. For instance, I bet many of you hadn’t even noticed I was naked aside from the shorts in the picture. Newp, it looks almost like a bodystocking it’s so full of detail. The RARE version shown here contains every option in every colour and applier and I’ve shown you the dark one.

Here’s well lit, no shit…


And here’s the dancing vid – don’t forget about Dre!





4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Hipster

  1. This is so delicate and beautiful. Thanks Meri.
    About the other, the guys, well. I guess that happens when parents fail to teach their children basic respect for the freedom and opinions of the rest. Block, ignore and silence are the best antidotes for those lonely attention-seekers.

    1. That’s exactly what I did Francis, it’s such a shame though. I’m all for an open dialogue, but with some it isn’t possible. Thank you for your compliment, I muchly appreciate it 😀

  2. First and foremost, let me say that I love your posts and the clothes, props and poses you highlight. I’m afraid I am one of those who once asked you why people are moving from the classic SL avi to mesh since good mesh bodies are expensive and look best with a good mesh head that is also expensive. And then there is the need for all new clothes, shoes and hair. I was just wanting to hear from a mesh expert an opinion as to why so many are making the move to mesh. That all said, based on the results of your survey of mesh body and head users, I have purchased Maitreya Lara body and Lelutka Simone head. I have also purchased some of the clothes you feature and taken advantage of some of the designer gifts on Maitreya Maniacs. As I said in my very first comment on your blog, I really appreciate your frequent posts because of their quality and appeal to all mesh body users. I know from personal experience that writing a weekly newsletter or blog is tasking especially when you get negative feedback and bullying from someone who does not want see your posts when he all he needs to do is not look. Keep up the great work!

    1. I remember you from that post Stephanie! Thank you so much for making it. You were at that time doing exactly what I’d already been through myself so knww exactly how you felt. I’m sorry if anything I said in this post made you think of your own question in particular, because it was far from my intention that somebody like you who had questions about making a really substantial purchase should doubt their question. So glad to hear you found what you like and suits you. And thank you so much for reading my blog. I’m honoured. I’m not going to worry about one person who doesn’t like what I do when I get so much pleasure from talking with folks like you! Hugs.

      P.S. I’m immensely flattered that you call me a mesh body expert, but really I’m no such thing. I just fumbled my way through it 😀

      P.P.S. I just can’t get into the mesh head thing myself!

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