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Running late

I got woken up at the crack of 7.30 this morning by next door’s child squealing ‘lalalalalalalalalala’ in his high-pitched little voice incessantly, while running around the garden. It was so squeaky and prolonged that I was sure it was some strange noise my mobile phone was making and so I made several attempts to silence it before realising what and indeed, who, was responsible. I slammed closed my bedroom window slightly churlishly.

In theory, I like children. In sleep, I do not. If you have small children who like to make noises like car alarms, please limit their allowed noise times to those commonly accepted by society for weekends, i.e. 10am – 7pm. I thank you.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | New Brighton Pier
Pose | Image Essentials Evolution of a Hipster 10 (Luck of the Irish Gacha)
Bag | {Imeka} Flower Clutch prev gift. (Imeka Mainstore)
Hair | (Chemistry) Prue (Chemistry Hair Mainstore)
Headband | =Zenith= Hippie Leather Headband (Zenith Mainstore)
Necklace | RealEvil Ewan Necklace M/F (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Sandals | {Reverie} Soho Sandals for Slink Flat (Reverie Mainstore)
Dress | Storybook Banter Cream/Rose [Mait/2Sli] (Shiny Shabby, til 15/4)


I wanted to show you Storybook’s new release for Shiny Shabby, which opened on the 20th March. It’s called Banter and you can get it in a load of different colours for the skirt and in black or cream for the top half. It’s beautifully made mesh and although you can’t see the back in these stills, you can in the video I’ll post below. It can be dressed up or down and is a lovely fit in the Maitreya Lara size I tried and presumably in the two Slink fits provided too.

I’m wearing a couple of old faves too – Reverie’s Soho Sandals for Slink Flat feet which I’m pretty sure you can pick up at the Reverie Mainstore. They were one of my most worn items of last Summer and I was happy to dig them out from the back of my closet this Spring.

RealEvil’s Ewan necklace has versions for men and women which makes me think it was a MoM release – you can get it now by visiting their marketplace or mainstore.

Here’s a well lit, no shit picture you can click on to see me huge…


And here is my silly dancing video so you can see how it all works while moving. You should note that I have not spent time alphaing things for the video, so if bits pop out, it can most likely be corrected with use of the alpha HUD provided with the body – I just like you to see how it is!




2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Hippie Chick

  1. One of my nightmares is to become a teacher. I have no patience with children, not even with teens, not even with adults! xD For that I respect teachers so much: I couldn’t do it without think in smash my head.

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