Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Manners Maketh Man


Manners Maketh Man… I know it’s not a new phrase, but it was brought back to me through that excellent movie ‘Kingsmen’ which I heartily recommend if any of the following keywords appeal – Spy, Action, Humour, Colin Firth, Roof Jumping, Music, Crazy Fights, Manners.

I love the idea that my heroes ally themselves to some kind of ethical code – that manners mean something, even if they then go on to kick the bad guy’s ass. In fact, I think I like it more then.

I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to movie violence too. I can watch sword fights, gun battles, explosions etc. without flinching but mano a mano, one on one with fists, I find that hard. No, my best movie action heroes are polite, considerate, good people with a nifty and hopefully entertaining way of despatching the enemy.

Manners show respect, for yourself and for others, and the lack of them is a lack of self-confidence, decorum and composure. Let’s get out there and mind our P’s and Q’s today folks!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Realm of Rhovanion
Pose | Something New – Warrior Princess pose and swords (Something New Mainstore)
Jewellery | RealEvil Moonflight Bracelets & Cuffs (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Boots | Maitreya Thigh Boots Silvery White Croc (Maitreya Mainstore)
Hair | MOON La Vie en Rose –  MM Board (Moon Mainstore)
Armour | Storybook Aries Titanium Cusp and Breastplate (The Fantasy Collective)


Storybook’s new Aries Cusp and Breastplate releases are for The Fantasy Collective which is now on in SL. I was all ‘I’m an Aries! This armour is for me!’ as I put it on. As you can see, I’m a real hero now. The armour itself is modifiable, this means that you can resize it to fit your ava. I switched to my ‘standard size’ shape (a more moderate boob and bottom area) and it was very easy to fit indeed, took me less than a minute. You can also choose different armour colours, I liked Titanium (plus it’s so strong).

I’ve shown you RealEvil’s Moonflight bracelets and cuffs before in a blog, but I can’t resist getting them out regularly and especially when I go into what one of my friends called ‘Retro Sci-fi’ mode 😀

The hair was free, thanks for Moon’s Midnight Mania board. They’re very generous and it’s never a problem just to pop over and click the board, see if you get lucky (you get lucky always, cus so many folks to go do it).

That’s pretty much it for today I think… I have two more small gifts for you. The first is a well lit, no shit picture which you can click to see my front huge.


The second is my groovy dancing video, with swords. I’m so dangerous…



7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Manners Maketh Man

  1. Since kid I see movies with violence (anyway, the war in the country in those years used to be more violent xD) but I cannot stand the cruelty. I saw Tarantino’s “The heightful eight” and I deeply disliked it, nof for the violence that it was pretty normal but the cruelty.
    Hmm, I should call you… Silver! : )))

      1. Actually we were really happy and we appreciated that there is people that didn’t experienced that. Is part of human nature I guess, and a triumph over the ones that try to insert terror in your heart.
        Don’t feel sad, you make grow a smile in me always. : )
        I like Pulp Fiction. xD

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