Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Wolf likes Cake

Wolf likes Cake

Friday 1st April – well let’s get the ‘white rabbits’ out of the way for the first of the month (for luck) and move on to the tricksy stuff. I’ve not done any today, mainly because I can’t think of anything good enough. When I worked in an open plan office with lots of other people, I was a pain in the arse. I once took the office manager’s soft toy from her desk and bound and gagged him, before attaching him to the ceiling fan above.

The next year I kidnapped him and sent her postcards from all over (I got people going on holiday to send them).

Before you go thinking I have a thing about torturing cuddly toys, I don’t. She was just a quite uptight person and I thought this might make her loosen up a bit. It did. She used to charge up to my desk and insist on searching it and I’d let her and in a strange way we bonded. Spot checks have a way of doing that to womenfolk.

Needless to say, I’ve worked alone for many years now…

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Telrunya Forest of Dreams 
Pose | Grafica Arde i, prev On9, try (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Wolf | Jian Wolf Companion (Jian Mainstore : Jian Marketplace)
Basket | Dirty Princess Daddy’s Riding Hood Goody Basket (Dirty Princess Marketplace)
Boots | Bueno Fringed Boots Red (Bueno Mainstore)
Hair | Little Bones Mint Blondes Hoodfit Version (Uber)
Dress | Blueberry Nova Dress Hood Up [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Uber)


Okay… Blueberry’s Nova Dress comes in two versions – hood up and hood down – and is available right now at Uber. You can choose from a load of lovely colours and it has fitted mesh sizes for the usual suspects and five standard sizes too. It also has undies included in the HUD so you can wear them or not, as you prefer. I do love a hooded item and the only normally annoying thing about them in SL is which hair you can fit underneath.

Little Bones have gone some way to solving the hair under a hood problem by releasing four brand new hairs which have a ‘normal’ option and an option to wear with Blueberry’s Nova dress. Cool eh? You can get them all at Uber too!

I also want to mention the Jian wolf, which I have blogged before. The one shown is a companion, but the full pack comes with wolves in various poses. You can also change the type of wolf (affects fur colour) in the options. Supercute. In my well lit, no shit picture below, you can see the arctic wolf option. Click to see it huge!


Finally, I did a little dancing video for you, so you can see how it all works when moving… there could be only one song for this blog.

What do you think?

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