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Thom and I were talking the other day about how different kids are now to how they used to be. It’s not all bad – young people now can fix a computer without blinking, show no fear of technology and I believe less of them drink and smoke than ever before.

However, less of them go out socialising too. When I was a little kid, I was forever out with a group of friends on the park, riding my bike, on rollerskates or skate boards. As a teenager, I was hanging out with my mates, sometimes drinking really horrific stuff like Thunderbird and doing nothing but in a very cool way, haha.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that any sane parent wouldn’t prefer their 16 year old daughter at home on the computer, hopefully safe, than out on a park absolutely lammied and being leched on by that most heinous of creatures – the teenage boy. But I guess what I am suggesting is that there’s something to be gained from the freedom to make mistakes and socialise. You kind of find out more about who you are, how you interrelate and you also get to see the consequences of your mistakes. In other words, you learn how to deal with the world.

Also, it seems that the flip side of most young people’s lack of fear with technology leads them to share everything through social media, something which can be at least unwise and potentially disastrous. We’ve all seen horrific online bullying cases, people beating others up and posting the video, people ganging up with fake profiles to pick on someone. It’s not brave, at least when I was a kid, the bullies had faces.

Teenagers have always thought they knew better than their parents and it’s never been true. But it’s never been less true than it is now. The internet is not the real world. It’s  very useful tool, but it is not an accurate representation of how the world works (and doesn’t work). When I was in school, if I wanted to find out more about a subject for homework, I had to go to the library, find a book and read the book. Now it can simply be looked up online. In some ways that’s wonderful and in others less so. I value the independence I gained in having to find things out for myself as a youngster, the walking around I had to do which made me healthier, the actual talking to actual real people that was involved.

Have I finished yet? I think so. I just wish that the young folks would go offline more and find their place in the world. I wouldn’t have had my salad days any different.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | {Imeka} Sits 05 (Imeka Mainstore)
Beer | from IE Evolution 4, prev LOTI Gacha, try (Image Essentials Mainstore)
Watch | *RealEvil* ReVox MGX Watch (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Sandals | FLite Resorts Snow for Slink (FLite Mainstore)
Glasses | [Z O O M] Clubber Glasses (Fameshed)
Tee | Vinyl Zyra Tee [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Uber)
Shorts | Vinyl Zyra Shorts [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Uber)


Gah I so love these shorts from Vinyl. I know, I know, I’ve skipped all the other items in the list and gone straight to the last one, but it’s just enthusiasm. It’s because they are a loose fit short, a real rarity in Second Life. They look so real, so casual, so ‘thrown on and don’t I look great’ ish. Get some or live a long time regretting it, I say.

The Vinyl Zyra Tee is also really nice, I love the quirky designs, but you can just have a plain one if you prefer. They’re both at Uber now until April 23rd.

[Z O O M]’s Clubber Glasses are at Fameshed until April 27th and they come with a HUD so that you can change all the different elements of the glasses including lenses (so they can be sunglasses or clear glass). I love ’em. I’ve taken a snapshot which is unedited so you can see the detail of the mesh. Delish.


Here is a well lit, no shit shot of the full frontal view, click to see me huge…


And finally, my groovy dancing video so that you can see it all moving around 🙂




7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | My Salad Days

  1. Sadly, according to my 14 year old daughter, more than half her class smokes and or does drugs. May are having sex as well. Scary times.

    1. God that is scary Drake. I’d be so concerned if I had a teenager. But I guess if she’s talking to you about this stuff it’s a great sign that you’ve brought her up to make good decisions.

  2. I think it’s just the world in the moment of changing and it’s going to be fixed around it, the next generation of fathers is going to be aware of technological resources so are going to be more skilfull to protect or watch their children.
    I lightly disagree about the difference in searching for a book and in internet, in both cases the knowledge is, mostly, just data collection left in the book or the computer screen. Good education is the one that transforms that data in personal knowledge.
    Sexy angel, I don’t know what are you drinking but I think I know what are you dreaming ^-^

    1. Haha, I lightly agree with the point you lightly disagreed with me on, but it wasn’t really about information per se, more that working harder to get something can be good for you in the long term.

      My dreams are of days gone by Francis 🙂 When I didn’t drink tea all the time haha ❤

      1. A tough education, I remember Sir Bertrand Russell said the English education was the best on the world if one could survive to it xD, in my case the teacher usually was in class sleeping because he was drunk :S
        Hope you have a wonderful week, thank you for make my Monday a nice one Meri, hehe “by Francis”^.^ Francis Drake I guess xD
        Take care dear tea drinker.

      2. Some people (that doesn’t know between them) call me like that xD But I have just noticed that I downgraded to Lord Russell to sir (-_-‘)

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