Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Nightpaddling

Night paddling

REM might not have hit my personal musical happy place for a while when they split in 2011, but Automatic for the People in 1992 was one album that most people seemed to have bought. Nightswimming was at least partially responsible for the success of the album and its anthemic quality made it popular as an end of night ‘sing-a-long’ type track. You might wonder how I know all this, being merely a twinkle in 1992 (haha), but all my paperwork confirms, I was there.

I have a gift, I can bring out the inner goof in most people. It doesn’t seem to matter how cool they appear to be, how sorted… just give me that person, a bottle of something fun and a ton of music and I can bring out their kooky side. Seriously tho, I’m not sure it’s a gift, or if it’s just that they can’t resist the magnetic pull of my utter idiocy for long. Anyway, I have good memories of Nightswimming in this regard – bringing my uber-cool Stepbrother to his inner goofball was one of them. We’d sit up and sing ’til the early hours at the end of a night out – oh so badly. It must have sounded like cats being murdered. But we didn’t care. That’s what Nightswimming seems to be about to me.

I called my picture Nightpaddling, cus Meri doesn’t seem to be dribbling. Maybe it’s just been a moderately crazy night out.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Liberty Park
Pose | {marukin} Royal Fur ({marukin} Mainstore)
Bag | {Reverie} Travelers Bag (Fameshed)
Pants | Vinyl Thea Leggings Mix Camo [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (The Mix Event HUD on Marketplace)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Zuzka with Cherry Blossoms (The Seasons Story)
Top | Storybook Fickle Slit Sided Top [Mait/2Sli] (The Chapter Four)
Piercing | [Z O O M] Osis Septum & Mini Piercing wi. HUD (The Chapter Four)
Jewellery | RealEvil Kitty Watch & Bracelets set wi. HUD (The Seasons Story)


I found Liberty Park kind of by accident. I was looking for a beach area without the words nude or surfing attached (in other words, I hoped for a deserted beach) and I found one, but I found a ton more than that! Liberty Park is very romantic and beautiful, it’s full of photo opportunities and cute poses, pieces of outdoor furniture and well, it’s very cute indeed. One of the owners (Italian chap) IM’d me to welcome me and was most friendly and assured me they didn’t mind me plonking myself in the shallow waters for a goodly period of time and not moving, haha. He said if I joined group I could rez too. I did so, I will definitely go back.

{Reverie}’s Travelers bag  comes with two different ways to wear it – messenger or shoulder, and with a HUD which controls the stickers and scarves (which you can can change or remove!) and it’s resizable/movable too! Leather in 3 colours – Black, Chestnut and Vintage (Black shown). It’s available now at Fameshed and it is gorgeous. Nice work {Reverie}. Oh! It also comes with pose included and excluded versions 😀

Vinyl’s Thea Leggings are on sale now for The Mix Event. They are exclusive camo textures for the event in the usual fitted mesh and standard sizes as indicated above. The Mix event is one where you visit each mainstore – a bit like a hunt I guess- except the items are not hidden or free, but they are exclusive as I say and usually a very good deal. You can get the HUD for The Mix by visiting marketplace on the link above.

Loving KoKo’s latest hair, it’s an updo with optional cherry blossoms. It comes in a choice of 3 HUD packs, each containing 30 colours and costing only 299l$. It’s both lush and a good price point, so buy up!

Storybook’s Slit Sided Fickle top is available in a choice of 10 colours for Maitreya Lara and Slink Regular and Physique bodies only. You can pick up one of these slinky and well-fitting tops at The Chapter Four.

[Z O O M] did the impossible, almost. They produced a facial piercing I don’t mind wearing haha. No, seriously, I’m not overkeen on facial piercings usually, but this one is very delicate and pretty and does not look like a zit even from a reasonable distance. It comes with a HUD so you can change metal colours and stone type and it’s adjustable so you can move it into place.

RealEvil’s Kitty Watch and Bracelets set is so cute. The watch face is a kitty face – and you can choose the mood haha – and the bracelets are gorgeously cute and detailed. The HUD offers you metal and accent choices and a little play with it showed me you have almost never-ending combinations to suit any outfit.

Wow, it was a bumper crop today folks and I’m glad. Here’a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot for you so you can see the front view in detail, simply click to see me huge, and following that, my stupid dancing video so you can see how the mesh and I move together 😀


P.s. the music is not Nightswimming… it just seemed too lovely to twonk around to 😀


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