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I opened my emails today and trawled through everything, trying to find the grains between the chaff. I know you know how that feels, it’s sometimes a little frustrating. You might think that traditional marketing junk mail is what bugs me but no, I understand that completely – they want to sell you stuff so they tell you about it.

No, what bugs me are those emails from companies you already purchased from, saying that they want your feedback. ‘Meri… how was that nailpolish you purchased from us the other day? How was your experience of our service? Share your thoughts with other buyers.’

It’s nailpolish dudes…

… basically, I know what they want, they want you to go post content on their website because that’s massively valuable from a website optimisation point of view. It doesn’t really matter to them whether the nailpolish was late, or whether the ‘Goddess’ colour was more orange than golden, as shown in the picture.

Yeah, that bugs me. I remember a time when I could go into a shop and buy a nailpolish and nobody contacted me during the following week to ask if I liked it and how I felt I’d been treated during the transaction. Sighs. The bliss, of ignorance and not being bugged. The only reason I stopped going to the large store of chemists near me is because I spent too much when I got there. I might have to just go back and stop being such a wuss.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose 1 | Sari-Sari Ground Sit 06 (Sari-Sari Mainstore)
Pose 2 | Grafica Quill V (On9)
Windows | Jian Aurelia Bedroom Windows (Jian Mainstore : Jian Marketplace)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Tilda (Hairology, opens 10th April)
Necklace | *RealEvil* Brutal Necklace from set (Bodyfy, from 8th April)
Cats | Jian Floofy Felines (The Gacha Guardians @ Jian Mainstore, from 1st April)
TV | {what next} Little Haven Portable TV in blue (what next Mainstore)
Sandals | {Reverie} Westcoast Sandals Vintage (Reverie Mainstore)
Top | Blueberry Hazel Top Bra in Shirt [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Skirt | Blueberry Britan Denim Skirt [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Gosh, so much stuff today! Ok, let’s start with Grafica at On9. Grafica is my fave pose provider and here you can see Quill (the standing bent pose) which is one of a pack on sale now at Onn9.

KoKoLoReS have their new hair – Tilda – out at Hairology which has been open for a few days now. I love how quirky and cute it is with its short fringe and shaved underlayer (provided and modifiable).

RealEvil’s Brutal Necklace made me giggle a bit – imagine me wearing something called ‘Brutal’ but honestly, it works really well with my outfit and I’m sure with others. It comes with a colour and texture change HUD for all elements of the piece including leather, at Bodyfy.

Jian’s Floofy Felines are just so cute. I mean… their little fat faces and their little fat floofy bodies just make me squee. Gacha Guardians has a ‘How to Play‘ page you can go visit.

Blueberry’s  new releases – Hazel top with bra and Britan denim skirt are lush. I always rave about the Blueberry fit, extraordinary! The Hazel top comes in varying lengths to work with different types of clothing. There’s a short length to go with higher waisted things (particularly their Lola Shorts), there’s a jeans length for erm.. jeans (designed to work with Blueberry Mia and Tink jeans) and then there’s this length shown, which works to perfection with the Britan skirt. Colour change HUDs come with the bra so you can change the colours on some faces for single or fatpack purchases.

Here’s a well lit, no shit for you! Click to see me huge.


And finally, here’s a cat themed dance video. Cus… cats.

6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | I remember when

  1. Meri… you have had good luck and my company has selected to have a credit card to buy in any SL shop. What do you opine about that, Meri? Why not? Please share your doubts with us.
    Hehe. j/k sorry to hear that, they call me to my cell phone to offer credit cards and they never stop, I just now say “I have no reason, thank you” 😛
    The Cure, classics! I never had thought in dance rock now that I think xD

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