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Meri hadn’t always been brave about all god’s creatures, but here, today, in this field she felt in control of herself at least. After all, man was the biggest, baddest predator on the planet. Hadn’t we pretty much taken over by a combination of larger brains and an ability to breed copiously? Yeah… lions were scary, but only close-up. They couldn’t fire a bow and arrow over any distance at all. Elephants were majestic and could trample you underfoot – if they could get close to you. Not that there were any lions or elephants here…

… but there were spiders and bees and mosquitoes and beetles.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Liberty Park
Pose | Grafica Sederisi iii (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Hair | Lamb. Dream On Light Blondes (Lamb Mainstore)
Shoes | [Z O O M] Lolli Shoes for Slink Flat (The Shoe Project Fair)
Dress | Toro. Ana Babydoll Dress Floral 2 [5ss] (Kustom9)
Bag | {Reverie} Roadhouse Backpack Olive Shoulder (Kustom9)


Let us begin with [Z O O M]’s Lolli shoes for Slink flat feet which are at The Shoe Project Fair right now in Second Life. They are adorably cute flats with a slightly pointed toe and you just know they’re made from good leather (lol). You can choose from a range of colours and textures to make up the contrasting parts of the shoe and change the lace colour too. I went for earthy colours, but really, there are so very many ways you could wear them.

Toro. have released this gorgeous springlike Ana Babydoll dress for Kustom9 this round. You can get it in plain colours or two floral shades (one shown) or a striped dress. It comes in 5 standard sizes although I had no problems putting it on me and my curviness with the use of the alpha HUD.

{Reverie}’s Roadhouse Backpack is a new release for Kustom9 too. Wow it’s so nice – the detail of the leatherwork, the design, the earthy colours (I’m using olive here). Ok… it’s lush. You can choose from shoulder or back options for wearing and it comes in 3 tartan/plaid versions and 3 leather.

Here’s a well lit, no shit pic… click to see it huge.


and a dancing video, to show you how everything moves 😀

7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Camping

  1. I don’t know if is because I am not Christian (and our thoughts are based in bond with nature) but I never felt sympathy for the young King David (in his years as a shepherd) when he kills a lion to save a sheep. Sadly that attitude is do it against pumas in my country today, when there are special fences to avoid that and it just shows an act of cruelty. Said that I don’t have much love for rats :v in my city at more of 3800 meters (12 800 ft aprox) they cannot survive in the cold so when I see to the coast and see one I am tempted to yell as a young girl seeing the powerful chest of a sailor.
    mmm a woman saying: “man was the biggest, baddest predator on the planet” I know I know, it’s used for the whole of our kin, just I remembered the complains of female friends. ^-^

    1. Oh no, I don’t think we should be the biggest baddest predators… I too think it’s horrible how people hunt animals, but I guess we were clever enough to create weapons way back when and survive. I suppose we wouldn’t have any other way cus we’re slow, squishy and our bites are pathetic 😀

      I’m with you on rats – eww. And ‘man’kind, it’s not so bad 😀

      1. Hmm I don’t believe you, let’s try it: bite me 😀 (Tomorrow in “Daily news” – “Peruvian dies after bite of popular SL citizen”)

      2. Oh no, I don’t think that would happen at all. I’m not sure I’d describe myself as popular, more like… ‘often barely dressed sl resident’ 😀

      3. If you successful kill a Peruvian with a bite certainly you would be popular : D
        Few clothes or not you have good taste with them, your dress of today for example is longer and almost innocent. ^_^

      4. Lol! you are so cruel, when I am drinking my tea xD
        Well, you look so sexy that you are forced to say we men are the “biggest, baddest predator on the planet” xD

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