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Puppy Posse

I have a small story for you, about dogs.

When I was a kid, I was bitten badly by a dog. It was the pet of somebody I knew and it went for my throat 5 or 6 times, most of the time getting my face or my arm instead. Needless to say, it didn’t kill me but I did need a lot of stitches and I’ve had the scars ever since.

The facial scars are barely visible now, I’m pleased to say, but sadly, when I see a dog on the street, or hear barking at a house I have to visit, I freeze and I’m just a kid again, terrified and unable to cope.

This is not meant to be depressing, but just to fill you in on how I feel about the most fuzzy muzzkins of family pets… the dog.

I can see they are cute. I can see they are intelligent and loyal. I can see they are fun. It’s just that the most overwhelming feeling I have is fear.

People say ‘Oh yes, you don’t like dogs’ and I spent years correcting them, saying ‘It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I like dogs, I’m just scared of them’. And they never really understood the difference. So in a nutshell here it is…

You like lions right? Lions are beautiful. You see videos of lions rolling around with their trainers on the ground and say ‘awww’. You’d never hurt a lion, but equally, would you walk into somebody’s house with a free-roaming fully grown lion wandering around? If you were walking down the street and saw a lion coming towards you, sniffing the air, would you run and throw your arms around it? No. Probably not. (Unless you’re a nutter).

That’s how dogs are to me.

So… you can imagine that I get a little tired of people expecting me to like their dogs and giving me their disappointed face when their reassurances that ‘Toby would never hurt a fly’ make no dice with me. I have also pretty much given up explaining how I actually feel about dogs and have to make do with other people’s understanding – that I don’t like dogs.

There was a knock at my door one day. I answered it to see a happy faced person with a clip board.

Her – ‘Hello! Do you like dogs?’

Me – ‘No’

Her – ‘No?’

Me – ‘No’

Her – ‘You don’t like dogs?’

Me – Refuses to say no again and waits.

Her – ‘Erm I’m from the Dog Protection League and I wondered if you’d like to donate to help the dogs.’

Me – ‘Aww, well I don’t donate at the door, but thanks anyway’.

Her – (backing away now in apparent horror) ‘Well okay, you don’t like dogs. Ok.’

Rolls eyes. I’m obviously inhuman.

Puppy Peace

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Del May Eavesdropper (Del May Mainstore)
Outfit | Azuchi-Vinyl Collab Dress Code Gacha (The Epiphany Event)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] December VIP Gift (KoKoLoReS Mainstore)
Glasses | [Z O O M] A.Romeo Sunglasses (Sir Monthly Event)
Puppies | Jian Silly Shibes Floaty Pups RARE (The Epiphany Event)


Today I’m wearing items from the Azuchi-Vinyl collaboration collection called the Dress Code Gacha. I’m wearing Red Bra and Panties, Red Plaid tie, Red Plaid RARE Skirt, Black RARE Shirt and Red RARE Heels. You play for the size you want (i.e. body type) because this is the kind you can transfer. Hang on… I can see you thinking, but why? Well, so you can make the outfit you want by swapping colours with others. You get all the other sizes anyway, just in no transfer versions.

Azuchi_Vinyl Gacha Key

The hair is a VIP Group gift from [KoKoLoReS]. You can join the VIP Group free at present which gives you 10% off mainstore purchases and exclusive gifts like this – Click this link to view the group in Second Life! Link

The Jian Silly Shibes Pup collection is so cute. I fell in love with the rare floaty ones (and the idea of a Benny Hill-esque troop of puppies chasing me).

JIAN __ Silly Shibes Gacha Key

I’ve done an un-edited close up of the [Z O O M] Glasses which are meant to be just for guys but I’m a total maverick.


And penultimately, a full-length well lit no shit picture. Click to see me huge.




4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Puppy Posse

  1. Thats kind of spooky… When i was 9 i was visiting my grandfather who had a German Shepard, long story short he lunged at me and tore off half my ear and sliced up my cheek. Now i have faint scars and a man made ear that my kids tell everyone they meet about… I wont go near any dog bigger than my cat.. Not gonna happen. I totally understand your liking of dogs and deathly fear at the same time.

  2. I like dogs as a species (I’d love right know if a St. Bernard could share some wine from its barrel) but in Peru they are trained to attach so since kid I have known to just walk slowly and… with fear. Once when I went to hike to a waterfall with a friend she said that I was wrong because no one dog had attacked to her. When we came back a pack of dogs attacked us, it was tragically funny. (but there wasn’t bites fortunately in that time)
    Sorry to read that the attack was so cruel. Your fear is understable and natural and nothing should make you to love any creature, but I bet there was also an irresponsible owner.
    Lovely photographs almost surreal. ^_^

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