Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri |Harley


I think even good girls have a little bit of bad girl inside them. Maybe not as bad as Harley Quinn, but still… it’s fun to see myself as a super-villain 😀

So, my badness over the last 24 hours has comprised:

  • I snapped at my Mum on the phone when she asked me a silly mum question
  • When everybody talked about sport in the club last night, I set up a new chat with people ‘cus I was bored
  • I got the munchies after a bad dream about 4am and came downstairs for a ham sandwich
  • I am, right now, contemplating ducking out of a pre-arranged convo with my bessie mate cus she’s always on the phone too long.

I appreciate, I’m going to have to work on this if I ever want to be a proper super-villain, but it’s a start.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | HOBO Hangout
Pose | [4*2] Single Pose L’il Monster 06 ([4*2] Marketplace)
Bat | MadPea Hoodlum’s Hideout Baseball Bat (MadPea Mainstore)
Tights | AviCandy Low-Rise Fishnet Stockings/Tights (AviCandy Mainstore)
Hair | Truth Hair Karlie (Truth Marketplace)
Boots | Addams Kickers Boots, prev event, try (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Outfit | Blueberry & Grixdale Madcap Jacket, Top and Pantie (The Epiphany Event)


Blueberry’s collaboration with Grixdale for Epiphany is the Madcap collection  – basically, you too can turn into Harley Quinn! The top can be worn with or without the jacket, and vice versa. It comes with a HUD to turn on and off those elements by simply clicking on them. You’ll easily get the hang of it, it’s like an alpha HUD for clothes.

Here’s a well lit, no shit – click to see me huge!


and a silly dancing video so you can see it moving. I didn’t do any alphaing, so if there are gaps, that’s my bad!

6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri |Harley

  1. Puddin’? Are we gonna hafta have a lil chat when Daddy gets home? You know you can’t talk to your Mother like that, and a ham sandwich at 4 am is terrible for your figure. ♪Looks like someone is due for a spankin’!♫

      1. Haha, mmm, let’s focus that violence towards the boring society, it would be nice if we would be mischievously violent but kind and sweet among us. ^^
        (But just why the way I am going to hide the skillets)

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