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I was told the other day that bees are endangered here in the UK. I was surprised so went and checked it out using my trusty Google and found it to be true. Various bee species have become extinct here and it’s due to changes in the countryside, they say. You see, this part I’m slightly skeptical about… because there are many, many HUMUNGOUS, enormous bees around here (they try to get in my window every day) and I’m thinking that these giant killer bees are the ones doing in their smaller comrades. I’m not suggesting bee fights, gang wars of bees, but I guess that the huge monster bees are taking over and there’s no pollen left for the little bees…

You think I’m beeing crazy don’t you?

Okay well, the bees near me are around an inch long and 1/2 an inch thick. Big big bees. You can actually see the bees knees. Are there huge bees near you?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | grafica aine (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Lingerie | Addams Elizabeth Black Lingerie from Gacha [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (The Epiphany Event)
Hat/Hair | !Aphorism!/MINA Collaboration Kate Hair/Hat (The Epiphany Event)
Jewellery | **RealEvil** Bad Kitty Necklace, Cuff, RARE Gloves and Exclusive Claws (The Epiphany Event)


Beginning with the lingerie today – Addams Elizabeth Corset, Opaque Lace Stockings and Panties are shown here and are available at the Epiphany Event which is on until 1st May. You can also get matching gloves as well as transparent stockings.

!Aphorism! is also at Epiphany with their collaboration with hair designer, MINA. You can get the Kate hat and hair in various colours of hair HUD and each pack has a HUD to change the colour of the hat to one of four natural shades including black (shown).

RealEvil thought they might go along to Epiphany as well, seeing as everybody else is there haha. Their Bad Kitty collection includes the necklace, cuffs, gloves (which are a rare gacha prize) and the claws which are their exclusive prize for the event.

Here’s a well lit no shit and some close-up detail shots for you…



!APHORISM! - MINA Hair - Ashley & Kate

Finally, my dancing video just for you!

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Rain

  1. Gold and black leather is pretty neat! (although I cannot avoid to think in “black widow celebrates another victim”) bees here measure half centimeter… it wouldn’t be strange that farmers are prefering killer bees so are getting rid of the smaller ones… I dunno, it’s just a cray thought.

    1. Ha yes, I don’t normally wear much black because it doesn’t show detail well in pics. Maybe you’re right about the killer bees, haha. Poor little bees.

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