Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Run, for she is coming

Run for she is coming

Run, run for she is coming

With her arrows on her back

She’s a crazy roaming huntress

And she’s ready to attack

I’m feeling a bit better today, in terms of health and in terms of my emotional wellbeing. Something which has been bugging me a while finally came tumbling out last night and somehow, I feel cleansed now I’ve expressed myself. I’m a big believer in expressing your thoughts and feelings, once you’ve had a chance to get them into some kind of order. I think it’s good for the soul.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Tempura Island
Pose | Stif Pose The Casual Raider Set (Stif Mainstore)
Hair | Little Bones Feline (Little Bones Mainstore)
Outfit | Storybook Artemis Items – see below [Mait only] (The Epiphany Event)


I wanted to show you the fabulous items from Storybook’s Artemis gacha collection for The Epiphany Event and so I’m wearing one of each item here…

Lunar Bow – Selene RARE
Deity Antlers – The Hunter – RARE
Leg Ribbons Iron
Breast Armour Iron
Skirt Night

The Storybook creator is using some of the funds from this gacha to help in raising money for the American Cancer Society and so I know she’d appreciate your support.

Okay, I’m off hunting now, but not before I’ve shown you my ‘well lit, no shit’ picture (click to see me huge) and my dancing video. Mhmm.


6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Run, for she is coming

    1. It’s a great song but I have trouble with some of the more well-known tracks being accepted by youtube. They’re often blocked in certain countries or in some – worldwide. Pooey. 😀

    1. Dearest concerned Mr Rabbit, it is not you I seek, and my arrows do not deal death. Rather their mission is to find and bind the hearts of those fools who would love. . .. Please excuse me channelling my inner Shakespeare 😀

      1. Yet I’d love thy hug oh dearest Artemis Meri. ☺
        I want to read Shakespeare but I am afraid it could be hard to me to understand, but if he sounds like you then I would love him I think ^-^, I love XIX century English tho.

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