Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Whispers at the Watercooler

Whispers at the watercooler

You know what I miss about working with other people? You might think, given this photo, that it’d be company, gossip and companionship, but no… it’s people’s birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. The way folks used to bring in cake for almost no reason at all. Ahh, those were the days indeed.

We used to have something we’d call a ‘fuddle’ where we all took something in and shared the resulting buffet-style mish-mash.

Sometimes we’d go out en-masse to a restaurant or pub and at Christmas, it was a big wahoo over what we did and where we went and what we’d wear.

I miss all of that. Mostly at Christmas, my clients cease to remember I exist at all, so busy are they with their own Christmas parties and actual life. Yep, it’s lonely being self-employed sometimes. And indeed, no speculating on whether Marlene from Accounts is pregnant or has just rediscovered her love of Mr Kipling cakes.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | (marukin) Royal Fur modern lady of the city (Marukin Mainstore)
Shoes | REIGN. Avantii Pumps Black (REIGN. Mainstore)
Watch | [Z O O M] Holmes Watch (Men Only Monthly)
Hat/Hair | !Aphorism!/MINA Ashley Hair (The Epiphany Event)
Body | Storybook The Provocateaur Cocoa for Maitreya (ROMP)


Huge thanks to my friend Nodnol who built this fabulous office suite (not that you can see much of it here) for a new enterprise and allowed me to slurp my way around it half-naked ❤

No, you’re quite right, I didn’t dress like this in the office when I worked with people. I didn’t wear a hat. But if I had worn a hat, it would have been this one – a collaboration between !Aphorism! and MINA hair. Isn’t it a stunner? You can get it in various colour packs at Epiphany (it’s a gacha!) and each pack contains a HUD too to change the colour of the hat. Niftyyy!

The [Z O O M] Watch is not for girls, it’s a men’s watch for men and it’s available at Men Only Monthly. It’s resizeable and a girl can work out how the HUD to change colours, metals etc. works. But it’s for men. Here’s an unedited close-up.


Storybook’s offering for ROMP is well skimpy ya! I’m wearing the cocoa version here, but it’s available in an array of colours exclusively for Maitreya Lara. No room for alphas here, and so it’s a good job it’s a great fit!

Here’s a well lit, no shit pic so you can be sure I’m not scamming you with photoshop trickery… Click to see me huge.


And finally, here’s my little dancing video, I’m thinking I shouldn’t have done a dancing video in this outfit, but I did. Please do, go ahead and see my buttocks, it’s on me.

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