Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Surrender


It was safe to say that the attempt to take over the space station had failed this time. All her comrades from the colonies were dead or captured. She was alone and surrounded. Meri fell to her knees as one of the enemy snatched her ray gun from her hand.

‘What shall we do with this one, Boss? Kill her now or lock her up for a while?’

An almost silent footfall approached her and she glanced quickly up and then back at the floor – the Boss appeared to be huge, but maybe some of the bulk was armor. She could feel his stare as she refused to meet his eyes.

‘Know anything worth knowing?’ he asked. ‘I’ll tell you nothing, so kill me now’, she said, her head rising defiantly. ‘I’d rather die for my people than sell them to you’.

He laughed. She thought she couldn’t hate her enemy any more than she did, but at that moment, her feelings surpassed hate and settled on a cold and murderous rage.

‘Let her cool off in the cells for a day or two’ said the Boss and he walked away from her.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Insilico
Bodysuit | Storybook – Harlequin Splatter Exclusive [Maitreya Lara] (The Fantasy Faire, opened 21/4)
Jewellery | RealEvil Lena Bracelets and Necklace (Black Fashion Fair)
Hair | .Olive. The Chelo Hair Color Fades Pack (Olive Mainstore)


Most of the time, I’d say that you as a person should define the fashion you wear, but occasionally, it defines you. Sometimes, you can put an item of clothing on in SL and instead of thinking ‘How do I look in this?’ you find yourself thinking ‘Who is this person, what is her story?’ and that was the result of putting on the new Harlequin Splatter Exclusive from Storybook which is available now at The Fantasy Faire in Second Life. It’s one of the RFL items which means that profits go to the American Cancer Charity too.


I’ve coupled it with RealEvil’s Lena Bracelets and necklace which are available at the Black Fashion Fair. RealEvil this time have come up with an exclusively leather collection which is colour-changeable via HUD. I love how it’s pretty but also looks somehow ‘home-made’.

Here’s a well lit, no shit picture – click to see me huge!


And here’s me dancing a little for you so you can see how far you can push that rigging while in movement!

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