Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | If you like Pina Coladas…


There was a song, back in the dark ages called ‘Escape’ by Rupert Holmes. It came out when I was very small and I didn’t really understand it until I was older. It’s basically about someone who gets bored and disillusioned with their relationship and reads a personal advert in a newspaper which begins “If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain” and thinks ‘what the hell, I like those things’. He responds and finds to his surprise, it’s his wife doing the advertising.

Yeah it’s cute and quirky and all that, but really, what it’s saying is that sometimes we stop recognising those things which made our partner the right person. We simply forget those little, early moments which helped to cement the relationship.

Thom has been away this week, fishing and a little off-grid, and so I’ve not had a lot of contact with him. I’ve missed him, but in a good way. I’m thinking of the Pina Colada song and remembering some of the quirky, fun ways we recognised each other in the beginning and I’m looking forward to him coming home tomorrow.

back view bikini

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Blithe (Group access only, membership 500l$)
Sunnies | [Z O O M] Milus Glasses (Z O O M Mainstore : Z O O M Marketplace)
Hair | Little Bones Sita II (Collabor88 April) if closed, try (Little Bones Mainstore)
Bikini | Blueberry Peachkini Top & Bottom [Mait/3Bell/2sli/5ss] (Uber)
Floatie | Blueberry Air Swim Floatie [Follow/Bump/Off]  (Uber)


So happy to get a brand spanking new bikini from Blueberry for Uber this round. The Peachkini is a two-piece swimsuit (duh) with an attractive thin strap crossy bit on the back of the top. It’s available in a wide variety of colours and a few textures too, and you can use the included HUD to change strap colours on the top and bottoms.

The Floaties (shown in the video below) are also available from Blueberry at Uber. The floaties can interract with each other, they are resizeable and they come with a HUD that allows you to follow a friend who is also wearing a floatie or bump them. You can use them on land or water too 🙂

Here’s my well lit, no shit picture for you – click to see me huge…


And here is what is usually a dancing video, but today has minimal movement because I’m showing you the Blueberry Floatie…

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