Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Giraffe


It’s wild on the plains today, a mist pervades and heightens my senses and I look around for a source of perceived danger. But there is nothing I can see. No need to run – yet.

Good morning Tuesday people. I hope you’ve had a fabulous start to your day. Here, it is sunny and a tiny bit cold, but I’m completely ignoring the chilly bit and running with the Springtime bit. Thom’s got a bad head – has had ever since he got back from France. I’m trying to be gentle and calm around him, more like a giraffe than a monkey at least. He doesn’t seem to mind me eating leaves while I gaze at him reflectively.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Hell’s Haven
Pose | [E3D] diorama – Reach a little further (E3D Mainstore)
Hair | Little Bones – Kyoto (Little Bones Mainstore)
Earrings | RealEvil Neda Earrings (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Shoes | Livalle Europa Slingback Platform Wedges Sunset (Livalle Mainstore)
Dress | Addams Vera Tight Holes Dress [Mait/3Bell/2sli/5ss] (Uber)


If you want to show off your slink, you should definitely invest in one of these dresses from Addams – the new Vera – available at Uber right now. It comes with all the mesh body sizes and 5 standard sizes and an array of plain colours and some textures too. I went for the giraffe because it seemed so much sweeter than a tiger or a leopard, but you can roar with the best if you want to! The fit is awesome, as usual.

You might not be able to see the full glory of the RealEvil Neda earrings in these shots, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an essential in this (and so many) outfits. You can see them originally blogged here.

Here’s a well lit no shit shot, you can click to see me huge.


And finally, a giraffe dancing, for your entertainment…

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Giraffe

    1. Haha thanks Isa. Since buying a few things on the basis of how they look ‘in pose’, I wanted to show folks how well stuff was rigged, plus… It’s kinda fun 😀

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