Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Feeling Naked

Feeling naked

So, as it’s a Saturday, I’ve no doubt you have lots to do – be it fun or chores based – and you don’t want to spend three hours reading my thoughts, I’m sure. Which is just as well, I don’t seem to have a lot to say which is wholly (holey, get it?) unlike me.

I shall spend my day training the local bees, flies and wasps to fly back out of the window when they venture in. Seriously, you can do this with some and it works – simply point at the bit they just flew in and say ‘OUT’ firmly a couple of times. It works best on bees, some wasps seem to get it (but an equal amount don’t) and flies, well… we have a long haul with those.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Foolish Spark
Pose 1 | Grafica Penlinio (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Shorts | Addams Malena Denim Short High Rise [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Top | Addams NEW Betty Bra and T-shirt with holes [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Hair | Lamb. Water Me (N21 Event)
Boots | REIGN. Suicide Heels Classics (N21 Event)


I wanted to show you one of Addams new mainstore releases – Betty. It’s a Bra and T-Shirt with holes and it’s the best rigged holey thing I’ve seen. I’ll clarify… I’ve bought lace or mesh garments before and they can’t seem to help ‘breaking’ or allowing parts of your body to break through under movement. Hopefully my short video below will show you how well rigged this top is. You can change the bra colours/textures and edgings too!

Here’s a well lit, no shit of the outfit…


And here is the funky dancing video 😀


6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Feeling Naked

      1. I am reading a Stephen King’s book, and in some part he writes “they were blue eyes, very Irish”… and I thought about you. I happy thought, so I think the Peruvian bees can wait a bit more. n.n

      2. “Salem’s Lot” his second book. I wrote it to know if you had read it because I think you wouldn’t forget that phrase. ^^

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