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Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I have a (faux) Princess persona on occasion which makes me demand things… one such thing being a pony. This bloglet is dedicated to my love of ponies in SL and out of it and I’m going to help you get past a few initial pony challenges you may encounter on your journey.

Ok first off, ponies like it when you blow gently up their nostrils. That much is true, but ponies feel they have to return the compliment which means them huffing heavily out of their nostrils, covering your face in their version of pony bogies. It’s just wet stuff, and you did start it.

Secondly, ponies don’t have good vision to the rear. People say ‘oh that pony kicked me’ and it was probably because they couldn’t see what it was around their rear end and they got scared. I mean, it could have been a lion! So yeah, you brought that on yourself too. Next time, approach politely from the front.

Thirdly… ‘I can’t catch the pony, it keeps running away when it sees me and if I approach from the back it kicks me’. Mhmm, they do that. Thing is, to a pony, it’s a lot of fun being chased around a field by an out-of-puff human being shouting ‘Please, Flossie!’. The thing is, the pony does not know itself as Flossie. She thinks she is called Princess Consuela Thrashytail, and you’re disrespecting her. Try the whole thing again with a subtely coloured headcollar and a stash of polo mints or carrots. Bribery works. Also, the approaching from the back thing? Didn’t we discuss that? Lions!

Fourthly – ‘The pony won’t go into the horsebox/stable’. There’s a fabby reason for that – it can’t see. It takes about 10 minutes for a pony’s eyes to adjust from outdoors light to indoors light and you can’t expect it to go into a cave when it can’t see an exit or what’s inside – could be that lion again! So, you can either cover its eyes for a wee while to see if that helps (if it doesn’t freak out), or patiently stand there with it taking it a step or two forward at a time while its eyes adjust. Bingo, pony thinks ‘Oh, it’s only a stupid box on wheels with a hay net at the end, okay then’.

I hope this has helped you understand the pony psyche a little. Tune in tomorrow for ‘Men, how to understand their challenges on your journey’.

Love the pony

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Hell’s Haven
Pose | {Imeka} Soley Pose 4 (Imeka Mainstore)
Pony | Jian Barnyard Buddies Pony Ride RARE and Pony Wanderer Apaloosa (The Gacha Garden)
Dress | Vinyl Charlie Sundress [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] exclusive texture for (Mix @ Vinyl)
Hair | Beusy Licorice Hair (N21 Event)
Waistcoat | Foxes Tarot Fur Vest (Foxes Mainstore)
Shoes | Vale Koer Countrygirl Sandals (Uber)


Vinyl have done some exclusive textures of their previously blogged Charlie Sundress I just had to show you, cos it’s so cute! You can get yours in various colours for The Mix at Vinyl (my belief is that the Mix operates at each designer’s mainstore, gosh I hope that’s true).

Jian’s really rocking the blogs at the moment with their various animal collections. The Barnyard Buddies Pony collection is just adorable. I’ve used the Pony Ride in my video below, just cus it was too cute not to, and the wandering pony in my first picture (both in Apaloosa colouring). You can get them at The Gacha Garden and – obvs – it’s a gacha 🙂

Here’s a well lit, no shit of my outfit…


P.S. Never wear sandals around ponies, they don’t mean to tread on your toes, but it could be a lion.

Here’s the little vid, so you can see the PonyTrap in action!


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