Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Look at the stars

Look at the stars

Hurrah, all the lovely boys didn’t lynch me for writing about them yesterday like they were a bunch of farty football fans at all. I got some good and really interesting feedback, which is nice. Plus, it made Thom laugh and that’s always my yardstick.

I’m in a well of procrastination today. I have work things to do but man, some days you just don’t feel like doing it. I will make myself doing it by only letting me have a treat when it’s done. Admittedly, the treat will be something as mundane as another cup of tea or a shower, but still… it’s something to aim for.

When you work alone, you’re your own boss and your own lazy employee. People talk a lot about the first ‘Oh it must be great to be your own boss’ but never about the second. The fact is, I’m a tough boss and a rebellious employee who requires both carrot and stick in order to work, and the mixture isn’t great at all. Added to that, I work from home and so I can see another 1000 things that need doing. It’s much more fun to leap into SL for a while, take some pretty pictures and ramble on to you guys about whatever crosses my flibberty-gibbet mind. You probably didn’t realise this, but you’re my colleagues guys and this is my watercooler moment. I just wish you talked more…

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Liberty Park
Pose | an lar The Enchante Series (An Lar Mainstore)
Shoes | REIGN. April Sandals Candy (Reign Mainstore)
Hair | Moon. She Waits (Moon Mainstore)
Top | Azuchi+Vinyl Ellie Shirt & Corset [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (We ❤ RP, from 4 – 31 May)
Skirt | [Cynful] Blazin Skirt [Mait/3Bell/2Sli] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)


I actually received [Cynful]’s Blazin skirt to blog along with this top from Cynful a couple of weeks ago and I liked them both, but I wanted to put them with other things. I am thinking that when the Azuchi and Vinyl Ellie shirt and corset arrived for We ❤ RP that this skirt had met its perfect match.

Make sure you get a good close-up look at the detail on the corset strings, they’re all varied and candy coloured and, for me, it absolutely makes the whole garment.

See my well lit no shit picture (click to see me huge)…


And finally, please see my very sensible dancing video to check my bits don’t fall out. I may – as usual – have been careless with alphaing and not used any, so if bits poke out I could have alpha’d, that’s my fault not the designers… but I’m hopeful it’s okay 🙂

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