Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Easy green

Easy green

Thursday was the old Friday. I was talking with a buddy (Hi Mav) about how great Thursday nights out were when you were student age. On a Thursday, when I was a brat, you could get a pint of lager for £1 (about half price) and they had fabby dirty-floored studenty discos on. It was a mecca of young person joy – especially if you could get past the old alkys to get to the bar 😀

My Mum has always been a good buddy of mine, but at that age, you don’t really want to be hanging out with your mum. She nagged and all that until I took her along one night to party with me, but my friends and I made her promise – no disapproval or being a ‘downer’. We got into our favourite late night boozer and she said ‘Ew, the floor is so sticky’ and we all looked at her, so she continued ‘which is nice’ 😀

easy green full

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose 1 | Verocity Cheryl 1 (The Thrift Shop, til 30 May)
Pose 2 | Skypose Kneeling Arms Behind Head  (Skypose Marketplace)
Dress | -Culco- Clover Dress Fitmesh M [Mait/1Sli/Venus/5Fitmesh/10ss] (The Thrift Shop, til 30 May)
Hair | Lamb. Wake Up, prev Gacha, try (Lamb Mainstore)
Sandals | Cocoroni Love me Sandals, prev event, Cocoroni now closed 😦
Bracelets | RealEvil Anvoir Watch and Bracelet set (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Decor | APHORISM Bonificata Decor Collection, details below (The Gacha Garden)

APHORISM Dandelion Sign
APHORISM Chalk board
APHORISM Spilled Plantpot
APHORISM Vase Shelf Blue
APHORISM Walnut Bench
APHORISM Wooden Cabinet


You can pick up some deliciously cute decor items at The Gacha Garden from APHORISM, who have released the Bonificata Collection for the event, which is on until May 31st. The stool I’m sitting on does come with it’s own sits which are nice, but I decided to use my own to make the dress more ‘visible’. They’re all mesh creations, low land impact and really sweet. Go get em tiger.

!APHORISM! Bonificato Decor

Something else I found to my liking was this dress from Culco, available now on offer at The Thrift Shop til 30 May. The back of the dress is delicate and strappy, as you will see in the dancing vid, below. Bargain-osity is the main thrust of The Thrift Shop, so expect to part from some cash but come home with fab things when you visit.

Here’s my well lit, no shit picture – click to see me huge.


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