Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Touch my inner smile


Ok, because I’d used the song ‘Inner Smile’ by Texas from 2000 for my dancing video below, I thought it’d be good to go watch the actual music video afterwards… it was not what I expected at all!. I’d been watching it 2 mins before the penny dropped – that the hot young fella on stage doing ‘an Elvis’ was Sharleen Spiteri from Texas herself – hahaha. Good job woman! You had me fooled.

So, it is on this Friday that I find my heterosexuality – the previous rock of my sexual existence shaking. Oh who am I kidding? I shall just add her to my list named ‘Exceptions to the rule’ along with Nigella Lawson and Stevie Nicks. I should clarify that I don’t really fancy Stevie Nicks, I just know she’s the most awesome singer ever imho, and it’d be rude to say no if what she wanted was a bit of me. Coughs.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Rosemoor
Pose | grafica – mantle iv (On9, May 9 – 28)
Hair | KoKoLoReS Leela Hair (Hairology, May 10 – 30)
Earcuff | RealEvil LUX Farfalle Earcuff (Cosmopolitan Event)
Top | Addams Victoria Kimono & Delia Tank Top [Mait/3Bell/2sli/5ss] (Collabor88)
Pants | Addams Alicia Flare Pants wi opt belt [Mait/3Bell/2sli/5ss] (Collabor88)
Sandals | Mutresse Gugu Sandals (Collabor88)


Grafica’s pose set for On9 this time is called Mantle. Mantle provides 5 poses plus 5 mirrors. It’s kinda hard to describe but some are bent a little forwards like the one shown and some are bent a little backwards – they’re cool anyway, go get em posers.

KoKoLoReS’s Leela hair is new for Hairology in the May round, it’s kinda almost hipstery, with two bunches instead of the now traditional one bunch/bun on top of the head. I like it as I think it would work well for women or men.

RealEvil’s LUX Farfalle Earcuff is one that I’m supposed to have blogged already but everything got out of order and now you won’t get the big close up shot until the next blog. I can only apologise to RE and to you, dear reader, because it’s stunning and you deserve a good pic of it!

Addams releases for Collabor88 are Spring in a cup haha. Taking it bit by bit, you can wear the top without the kimono, and vice versa. I can see me wearing the kimono and top a lot – so many lush textures to choose from and the pants, well, you can choose to have plain or lacy bottoms to the pants, contrasting or the same.

I think that’s about it, barring a well lit no shit shot…


And finally, Meri ❤ Sharleen esp when she dresses as hot young Elvis 😀

What do you think?

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