Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri |Hard Hat


I have a hard hat, no… in RL it’s not a real hard hat, but I put it on when facing difficult work situations, for example, and it helps me survive the bumps and knocks sustained when you’re expected to be ‘tough’ yet underneath you’re a quivering jelly of a person.

It helps me say ‘Not a problem’ when things are most definitely a problem. It helps me say ‘Good to speak to you’ when I don’t mean it even a little bit. It helps me introduce humour when I’d like to hit someone with a cartoon frying pan.

Yep, my hard hat is an invaluable tool for surviving life’s challenges. I recommend the purchase of one immediately.

workwoman 2

What to buy in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica Mantle Mirror ii (top picture) (On9, May 9 – 28)
Decor | !APHORISM! Industrial decor, details below (6º Republic)
Hat | Tino’s Attic Construction Helmet (Tino’s Attic on Marketplace)
Boots | *COCO* Lace Up Work Boots Loosed – not mesh (COCO Mainstore)
Hair | [RunAway] Sophie Hair Blondes (Hairology, til 31 May)
Dress | Blueberry Sabrina Dress [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)

Decor detail:
!APHORISM! Industrial Bench
!APHORISM! Industrial Lamp
!APHORISM! Industrial Shelf
!APHORISM! Industrial Table Concrete Top


Well, the Blueberry Sabrina Dress is a very sexy and elegant piece that I’ve managed to dress down to a ridiculous level here. There’s something about very sexy stuff that inspires that urge in me, it’s almost like I’m saying ‘I don’t feel entirely comfortable projecting that hot and sexy image without a teaspoon of humour added’. Of course, that’s crazy talk – I’m sex on a stick – two sticks – well, two legs. Sex on legs! Gah.

!Aphorism!’s Industrial Decor for 6 Republic is so cool. I built this little set in which to put it because my house is very cutesy and pastel-coloured and I thought it might not go, but if you’re supercool, you probably have a supercool minimalist industrial themed home and would like to add these beautifully crafted pieces to your warehouse and then throw a cool party. 😀

RunAway’s Sophie hair is a new release for Hairology which is on until the end of this month. Sophie has a beautifully soft texture and looks kinda how my RL hair does in my head (not in the actual mirror). Having tested the blondes pack, I can say that the shades included are very natural, ranging from very light blonde through to this kind of shade, which is more golden bronde.

I have no more words to give you, I merely have a ‘well lit, no shit’ picture and a dancing vid, cus that’s how I roll.


What do you think?

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