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You know how there are constant catchy memes on places like Facebook, saying things like ‘Kiss slowly, forgive quickly…’ blah blah? Well, they’re all very lovely but a tiny bit trite. I’m thinking they should make some that say things like…

Be careful with money and always pay off your debts.

Be kind to other people, as well as it being nice for them, it improves how you feel about yourself.

You were probably not a Queen in a past life but maybe you can be a good person in this one.

Listen when other people talk, because perhaps they know something you don’t, and anyway it’s rude not to.

Catchy huh? No, I know, my suggestions are very boring and I know I’m a hypocrite, because I must go on Facebook in order to see these things at all. I just wonder how much of life that could be spent actually doing something worthwhile is spent wasting minutes that turn into hours sharing crap.

There we go, thought of the day ❤

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica Mantle ii (On9, May 9 – 28)
Hair | *Milk* The Top Knot, now Besom, try (Besom Mainstore)
Winglets | Storybook Morrigan Iron (Dark Style Fair, til 4 June)
Piercings | *RealEvil* Savage Ear Piercings (Ultra Event, til 15 June)


Do you feel that what you need is perhaps a more manageable pair of wings – are wings in SL generally too large for the venues you wish to spend time in? Well, then I have the perfect solution for you. Storybook’s NEW Morrigan style is out at the Dark Style Fair right now in a variety of beautiful colours. It should be noted that your flying style is not changed by using these wings, they are just for decoration.

If you feel the need for something shiny, like I do, you can pair those little wings with RealEvil’s new Savage Ear Piercings. I should say, they are supposed to be for men, specifically, they are designed for the TMP mesh head ears. However, not one to be beaten by something designed specifically for somebody else, I messaged Mr Evil and he told me each part was moveable via the build/edit linked parts menu and I made them fit my ears to show you here. This must mean that whatever ears you have, you too can make these fit you. The HUD provides various options including alphaing/texture/colour etc.

Here’s a change to the ‘well lit, no shit’ schedule, so you can see these piercings really close up. Click to see them huge.


Also, yes I did a dancing video, and yes you’re expecting it to be naked and will be disappointed possibly but it is made hilarious by my censoring 😀

6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Grounded

    1. Haha, I thought as you probably weren’t contemplating buying my boobies, that a full frontal ‘well lit, no shit’ wasn’t necessary Drake 😀

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