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As a child, my most exciting day of the week was the one I got to go to the Library. My Mum would finally cave in even though she hadn’t finished reading her books (I got through mine pretty quickly) and take me and I can remember feeling so excited at all the possibilities as I walked in and smelt the musty, dusty pages of so many stories.

By the time I’d left Primary School, I’d read all the books they had to offer, and all the books in the children’s section of the library. Luckily, they had a teen section and I ploughed into that. What I could never resist, however, was filching books from my Mum’s bookshelves and trying to read those. I remember as a kid reading a Catherine Cookson novel and being entranced – that poor, poor girl (whoever she was). I went in search of another soon after and found that it was essentially the same story but with different characters. Ever a critic, I rejected CC from that point.

I’d read books in other people’s bathrooms, go searching for books when I visited relatives, borrow books which were wildly unsuitable (Erich von Däniken being one I borrowed from my Uncle as a little girl and it blew my mind, haha).

I suppose that even in these new, shiny days of Kindle books, I’m still hooked. I still find excitement at each new story, joy and loss at each new ending. There’s no conclusion really, except to say that there is no escape from real life like total immersion in another – and books top them all for me, even Second Life.


What to buy in Second Life today?

Shelves | DRD lab shelves (DRD Mainstore)
Books on Shelf | Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeA] (Soy Mainstore)
Books on Floor | not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . book . edition 1 (not so bad Mainstore) Ladder | Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – Rusted Iron Stepladder (Soy Mainstore)
Book | {what next} Large Book – worn without pose (What Next Mainstore)
Pose | Verocity Cheryl 1 (The Thrift Shop, til 30 May)
Glasses | EmilyHearts Vintage Glasses (EmilyHearts Mainstore)
Shoes | Vinyl + Azuchi Khaela Shoes [Mait/Sli/Bell] (Whimsical Event, 18 May – 7 June)
Watch | [Z O O M] Holmes Watch (Z O O M Mainstore : Z O O M Marketplace)
Hair | Moon. Hair Sun Shy – from Lux Gift Box (Join Lux Gift Box Group)
Dress | **RealEvil** Cora Dress [Mait/2Sli] (Tres Chic Event, opens 17 May)


Firstly, thanks to my buddy Nodnol. She handed me some ‘stuff’ so that I could ‘maybe use it in a blog post’. I’m thinking it was gacha items and that was so kind of her. I think those things are the shelves and some books.

RealEvil’s taking a break from all the jewellery to effortlessly show us what else they can produce. The Cora Dress is awesome – just so gorgeous. The dress comes with a colour change HUD and different options contained within it for sash, top, skirt etc. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It fit me so well!

Vinyl’s into another super collaboration with Azuchi, this time for Whimsical. The Khaela Shoes are very feminine and somehow a little Edwardian too. I love the ability to change elements of the shoe via HUD – I’m hoping in the future they can maybe expand on this to include the very base of the shoe, the platform and heel, because I was a little sad that part had to remain black.

I love my watch from [Z O O M], but I confess to having blogged it before here, where you can see it close up and in action 😀

Finally, I decided to have a go on the Luxe Box deal for the opening month and see how it was. There was a good pool of stuff and I’ve been pleased to see some amendments/improvements coming through in the weekish since it came out too. The Moon. hair I’m showing here is an exclusive (I believe) for the Luxe Box and is called Sun Shy. It came with what I’m sure they don’t call a basics pack but I’m racking my brains for what they do call it. Basically, a couple of blondes, a couple of browns, a couple of reds… and so on. Essentials? That could be it.

If you want to join the group, you can get access to previous boxes too (at the appropriate price). Month One was 1000l$ and it’s rumoured the price will increase in the future. The group is linked from the credits, above.

Here’s a well lit, no shit picture of my outfit – click to see me huge.


And here’s my bookwormy dance video so you can see it all moving…

2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bookworm

  1. I love this post! I remember checking out 17 books at once, after which the school library made a limit of 10 books per student! I loved books. I still love the paper sort, but it’s a lot easier for me to read on my Kindle these days, sadly. But as long as I get to read, I don’t mind!

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