Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | She Breathes Fire

She breathes fire

I’ve seen her on the TV, the supposed ‘Mother of Dragons’, The Unburnt with her cute plaited hair and her cute little face and her general cuteness. But she’s not one who can breathe fire herself. No, only I, the Queen of Fire can breathe it and survive. See me and weep Khaleesi!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Exposes Male Model 34 (Exposes Marketplace)
Hair | [RunAway] Jane V2 Hair (RunAway Mainstore : RunAway Marketplace)
Outfit | Storybook Hellbound Cool Tones Dress (RARE), Horns, Wings, Tail Wyvern (Whimsical Event – May)
Tattoo | Infected Dragon Tattoo [Mait/Omeg/Sli/TMP/Layers] (Infected Mainstore)


Some creators give you so much room to be creative yourself. Storybook is one of these – when she sends stuff through to her bloggers she says ‘Looking forward to seeing what you do with it’. So, in line with being creative, I decided to be a flying, fire-breathing green devil woman. Ain’t nuttin more hot than that!

The dress is Maitreya fit only, but of course the rest can fit any avatar and the dresses are the RARE gacha prize.

Here’s a ‘Well lit, no shit’ shot, so you can see the dress more clearly…


And finally, a green devil dancing video 😀

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | She Breathes Fire

  1. Once I imagined you riding the dragon while it stabs the sword in Saint George… when I was a kid there was an English encyclopedia for children and there was a big Dragon for “D” and it was fighting a person. This dragon was so vast and magnificent that I thought he (I thought in a he) should win.

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