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I wanna be like you

So yesterday was kinda nice. I don’t know how many of you saw Kess Crystal’s blog, but it was about how great it can be if someone shows their appreciation of you out of the blue. She was saying that she had decided to pass on hers to two people – one who she knew already and one who she didn’t know at all! You can go read it here.

You can imagine what a huge surprise it was to hear from her myself that same day! For reasons best known to herself, she’d decided I was to be the person she already knew who received her nice message – and no, I’m not telling you what she said, it is private, but it did indeed make my day.

I was already enthused about her idea of #PassItOnSL, but having received my own message, felt even moreso. I thought about who my two people would be, I thought about what I felt made them special, I sent the messages and sat back waiting for their surprise and happiness.

And I received no message back… not from either of them. Not even the one I already know, I could kind of understand if the one I didn’t know thought that maybe I was some crazy stalker, but not even from my friend? I console myself that perhaps their messages were capped?

Well, I messaged Kess and let her know I’d been a dismal envoy in her mission of joy. I encourage you, dearest readers, to give it a go anyway – you might have more luck than me ❤

Edit! I just heard from one of my missive receivers, and they were happy – yay!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Storybrooke Gardens 
Pose | Le Poppycock HeadShot Arms Only (Ultra Event, til 15 June)
Sandals | Brii Nic Sandals 85 – incl. feet (Brii Underground Wear Mainstore)
Hair | +elua+ Roanna  (elua Mainstore)
Necklace | =Zenith= Dream Catcher Tassel Necklace Blue (Zenith Mainstore)
Bracelets | ISON Safari Tribe Bracelet Silver (Ison Mainstore)
Pants | .miss chelsea. Cropped Harem Pants Steel (.miss chelsea. Mainstore)
Top | ::LFE:: Oriane Blue [2Sli/1FM/5ss] (::LFE:: Marketplace)


So ::LFE:: released the Oriane Cardigan and Top recently, directly to their marketplace and although I’m not showing you the cardigan today, I still wanted to show you the knitted undertop. For starters, I was surprised it was a whole and wearable item, separate from the long calf-length cardigan, but it is! The cardigan isn’t something I want to wear (not this time of year, it’s too long and cosy) but this little top I can sling on with jeans or some harem pants, or a skirt, and it’s great, cool, funky. So basically, if you want this top, you’re going to get a twofer, which is something of a bargain eh?

The .miss chelsea. Cropped Harem pants I’ve had for an age, they are specifically to fit Maitreya and even though this was one of the early ‘body mesh fitted’ items, it’s not at all bad :D, plus the item itself and the colour I love. Need proof? I still wear them!

Something else I should mention before you rush out and buy them without reading the description properly – Brii’s Nic Sandals. When I bought them, I didn’t realise they contained actual recolourable feet, but they do. This means you can’t wear them with your Slink or mesh body feet, but you can sling them on and recolour the feet to match your skin, and the feet are fine, and you can even recolour the toenails. Just be aware of this, I don’t want any folks who don’t know how to recolour feet coming to me holding them and moaning and pointing at their edit function 😀

Here’s a well lit, no shit – click to see me huge.


And here is a funky dancing video…


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