Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Stephen Fry ‘Not perfect after all’

And the living is easy

Stephen Fry, 58, beloved British entertainer, comedian, presenter and most favourite homosexual, has long been heralded as the voice of the nation. However, behind closed doors, it transpires things with Stephen are perhaps not as they seem.

A source close to Mr Fry said ‘He said something, you know… publically, and some of the public didn’t agree with him. It was a testing time’. It’s certainly true that Stephen’s comments about victims of previous trauma who should aim to make something of their life, rather than only relate to their past were incendiary. Some victims reported feeling victimised.

Amy, 43 of South Shields said ‘I am a victim and nothing Stephen Fry says can take that away from me. I don’t want to look to the future or make anything of my life, I’d rather be very miserable and that is my right’.

Mr Fry, 48-38-28, in fact took down his Twitter account in recent months due to the victimisation of him by previous victims of other people.

‘It’s a victim’s culture’ said one source who preferred to remain anonymous, ‘As someone who has suffered from depression, Stephen should know that you can’t suggest folks get off their arses and do better things if they have previously had something bad happen to them – it’s preposterous’.

Stephen’s own life has not been without trials. The much loved long-term presenter of Eurovision for the United Kingdom was cast asunder in 2008, in favour of another gay Irish icon, Graham Norton. Fry was rumoured to say ‘Oh he puts camp on with a trowel, just like his make-up’ in relation to Norton after the changeover. It was at this time that he asked people not to call him by his long-held nickname ‘Wogey’, as it was too painful.

Mildred Arnold, 61 of No. 41 Arnott Street, Camden, London, NW1 8NH, confided to us that Stephen may in fact have other shady secrets he’d prefer nobody knew. ‘I was his cleaner for just over six months’ said Mildred, ‘Oh the things I saw would make your eyes bleed. He’d leave toe nail clippings on the living room rug – on the actual rug – and they wouldn’t vacuum out. I had to pick them out with my own teeth. I said to him ‘Steve, that’s disgusting and I won’t do it’ and he fired me on the spot. I think he might have known I was selling them on Ebay’

Many erstwhile fans of Stephen Fry were shocked to hear that he may not even be a homosexualist at all. One man told us ‘He based his whole persona on being a gay man and yet I offered myself to him once in some public toilets and he replied ‘I’m not George Michael you know’ and left’.

Indeed, his long-term comedy partner, Hugh Laurie, star of ‘A bit of Fry and Laurie’ and more recently ‘that doctor thing where he does a really odd accent in America’, has been heard to say that Stephen really hit the jackpot the day he ‘baggsied’ being the gay one. Laurie said in a previous statement ‘I could have done it, for my career. I’d totally have been the gay one, but he wouldn’t hear of it’.

It’s certainly true that in as much as Britain may have lost faith with Stephen Fry, he – in turn – has lost faith with us too. Reports of him leaving the country to live abroad, however, are greatly exaggerated according to Edith Smeeg, a neighbour, who said ‘He’s in Benidorm, which is practically England anyway, so fuck off and bug him there’.

Note: This is a spoof article and I greatly admire Stephen Fry, in case that wasn’t clear 😀

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7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Stephen Fry ‘Not perfect after all’

  1. I feel a great deal of empathy with what is described here by my favourite author. It is, as Meri is no doubt aware, only part of the reason that I cannot interact with peanut butter in the way that most other above-average height girls manage. It warms my organs to see this expressed on the written page. Or the screen. Which may require dusting. Thank you Meri. x

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