Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Send in the clowns

dream circus

In my family, humour has always been swift and merciless, like the rush of a guillotine. My Mum and I are particularly ‘wicked’ to each other and so I can honestly say, it truly is a sign of affection. So, if I love you even a little, I’ve probably been just a tiny bit vile to you for the sake of a laugh in the past.

I don’t even apologise for it, the world needs more laughter and less taking ourselves too seriously.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Tiger | Just Animals Tiger Mesh (Just Animals Marketplace)
Moon | {Reverie} #5 – Moon Wooden Scene VI (The Arcade – June)
Wheel | {Reverie} #8 – Joker HaHa Knife Wheel (The Arcade – June)
Prop | {Reverie} #14 – Prop Vintage (The Arcade – June)
Bucket | {Reverie} #12 – Bucket Orange (The Arcade – June)
Photo Op | {Reverie} #3 – Head in Hole Nightmare( The Arcade – June)
Refreshments | {Reverie} #10 – Popcorn Vintage (The Arcade – June)
Tarot | {Reverie} #16 – Tarot Cards (The Arcade – June)
Hair | Lamb. Miss Mabel V2 Reds (Lamb Mainstore)
Boots | REIGN. Kylie Laced Boots Red (Reign Mainstore)
Bodysuit | {Reverie} #2 Trapeze Artist Costume [Mait/SlinkHrglss/Fitmesh] (The Arcade – June)


Roll up! Roll up! {Reverie} has a treat in store for you at The Arcade this round. A fabby circus and sideshow gacha that will certainly change your SLife. I now have run away with my own circus and the tiger and I are very happy. Seriously tho… great stuff. Go have a few whirls and see what you can bring home.

Here’s a well lit, no shit of my outfit – click to see me huge.


(Eyes shut on this one, told you I didn’t edit them – or even look closely haha).

And the dancing video finally…


What do you think?

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