Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Fillet o’Ferret

Fillet o ferret

Okay, it’s not a ferret, it’s a stoat. Plus, even if it were a ferret, I’d not serve it for dinner.

I was trying to explain to a (male) friend last night why there is such a furore on social media about women’s nipples being considered too rude to show.

I asked him to cast aside all his preconceptions and imagine a world largely dominated by women and their version of history. A world where those women had decided that men’s feet were the sexiest part of their body, there were magazines with men’s feet in them for women to buy and er… enjoy. There were newspapers with a special full page colour picture of one man’s pair of feet each day, as he posed coyly but flirtily, probably wearing anklets.

A world where men with big feet were commented upon ‘Cor, look at that pair’ women would shout as he walked along. Men with small feet of course felt pressured to buy bigger shoes and pad out the excess with spare socks.

If a man wanted to bare his feet off in public, he must go to a special beach or designated area where that was allowed, otherwise, on normal family beaches, he must wear socks and shoes while women and children could wander around barefoot, feeling the sand between their toes.

He said ‘that’s not a very realistic analogy, it’s more complicated than that’. I said ‘Yes it is, and it is because men have made it so’. He said ‘It’s not natural for women to show off their boobs’. I replied that it certainly was in some areas of Africa and you didn’t see the male tribesmen falling over themselves in confusion when they were on show.

I have a confession to make, however, I’m not so interested in women showing off their boobs on social media. I don’t need to see more nipples, I, in fact, would prefer that men’s bare chests were banned from social media too 😀

Who needs to see hairy nipples right?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Del May Body check (Del May Mainstore)
Outfit | {Reverie} Ronja Outfit Shirt & Shorts [Mait/2Sli] (Fameshed – June)
Scarf | Delirum Talk to the hand Scarf (Delirium Mainstore)
Stoat | JIAN Stoats Animated Companion White (Fameshed – June)
Piercing | [Z O O M] Vhans Septum (Tropical Summer Fair)
Glasses | [Z O O M] Sunsoul Glasses (Tropical Summer Fair)
Shoes | !Rebel Hope Antiqua Mesh Wedges (Fameshed – June)
Hair | Wasabi Pills Cody (Fameshed – June)


{Reverie}’s Ronja Shirt and Shorts is now available at Fameshed for those of us who have a Maitreya or either of the Slink mesh bodies. It comes in some lovely hippie-chic textures and you can see it in movement in my video below.

Jian have made some more furry friends for Fameshed’s June round. The Stoats are available in various colours (simply click to choose your favourite) and this one I’m showing is a companion pet – ie. you attach it and it follows you, it’s also animated of course.

[Z O O M] have various new releases at the Tropical Summer Fair. The Vhans Septum ring you can see in close up, below. The Sunsoul glasses come with a HUD, as do all Z O O M, items, to change details, colours etc.


The pictures above (including the well lit, no shit shot) can be clicked on to see them much larger.

What do you think?

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